Termly fees and extras for the academic year commencing September 2021:


£100 (one-off non-returnable; no discount for siblings)
Deposit for Reception to Year 8 place
£500 (one-off payment refunded on leaving)
Deposit for Nursery
£250 (one-off payment refunded on leaving)
Deposit for Reception (if Nursery deposit has already been paid)
£250 (one-off payment refunded on leaving)
Deposits are refunded at the end of the last term, less any amount owing to the School. The deposit is non-refundable if a confirmed place is not taken up.
Senior Day (Years 5 to 8)
£4,690 per term
Junior Day (Years 3 to 4)
£4,240 per term
Pre-Prep (Years 1 to 2)
£3,175 per term
Pre-School (aged 3 to 5)
£2,750 per term
Sibling discount
10% of tuition fee


Lunch (compulsory for all pupils)
£ 255 per term
Breakfast Club (day pupils)
£ 2.20 per meal
£ 5.60 per meal
Supper and evening activity
£ 17.00 per evening
Occasional overnight stays
£ 42.50 per night
Half price for siblings on the same overnight stay


Figures quoted illustrate the fee applicable for a 30-minute lesson although the length of lessons may vary (parents will be advised in advance). Only lessons attended are charged.
Individual lesson
Shared lesson


(based on 30 lessons per year)
30-minute lesson
£18.70 per lesson

Fees in Nursery and Reception for the academic year commencing September 2021:


Full time

£2,750 per term
Lunch (compulsory extra)
£255 per term


Purchase a day throughout term
£658 per term (includes lunch)

Purchase an individual day
£55.50 (includes lunch)

  • Sibling discount only applies to children who are full-time in Nursery.
  • Employer vouchers accepted (Government sponsored “salary sacrifice” scheme).
  • Tax free childcare payments accepted.
  • Free milk for under 5s.



Up to 15 hours per week of funded attendance is available through the Universal Early Years entitlement. An additional 15 hours per week is available (making 30 hours per week in total) if you are eligible for Additional Early Years Funding (widely available to parents subject to you meeting Government criteria).

Please note that it is your responsibility to secure the Government eligibility code issued for 30 hours of funding and to ensure it remains current. In the absence of a code your eligibility will default to 15 hours per week.

Funded sessions are 7.5 hours per day, starting at 08:30 and ending at 16:00

Parents should note that for the funded sessions:

  • Children will not be accepted into class before the booked session and should be collected promptly at its conclusion. If you collect later than 10 minutes after the session ends then you will be charged a ‘Wrap Around Service’ fee.
  • School term dates mean that there will be just over 33 weeks funding available during the year.
  • A funded session does not include the cost of providing lunch although this can be purchased separately (see below).
  • A funded session does include the educational resources needed to deliver the School’s curriculum but the School reserves the right to charge for certain external trips and additional curriculum enrichment activities. You will always be advised in advance of these.

Whilst attending a Funded Session, the following additional services are available for purchase:

Lunch at £5.15 per day
Wrap Around Service – morning: £7.85 per day early drop off (before 08:30)
Wrap Around Service – evening: £7.85 per day late collection (after 16:00)

    • Sibling discount will not be available for these additional services
    • You will be asked to book your choice of sessions, lunch and “Wrap around” services in advance for each term.