There are many benefits to enrolling your child into boarding school in the UK, and a fantastic education for children sets them up for the rest of their life. So, what does boarding school offer to parents and children’s that state schools don’t or cannot? Let’s have a look.

A Family Feel to Education

Going to school can be a stressful time for children, and it comes at a point in their lives where they need support and unity the most. Being at boarding school for this time in their lives provides them with that consistent support.
When school time comes around, pressures for parents have never been greater. Working parents are already stretched for time, and on top of a busy work schedule, they are being pushed and pulled in opposite directions for time and attention.  One of the benefits of your children attending boarding school is the reassurance that they are having a consistent education, but also consistent nurturing from the same faces.


Development of Friendship and Social Skills

Personal development is an important part of any school experience. When your child is in boarding school, it offers ample amounts of time for creating and building friendships inside and outside of class time.
Also, our boarding house is very small, which means it’s more like an extended family here. In our dorm rooms we have seven available beds for the boys and also seven for the girls, so there is only a maximum of 14 children on any one night.
For the children who have already made friends, St Peter’s has groups of friends who board together, e.g. Year 8 boys, on set nights of the week. It’s like having a big sleepover at home, but the parents do not have the hassle of making up lots of extra beds.
All of the children who board, board on a flexible basis. Maybe a night or two here and there, or just for one or two nights each week.

For tips on how to encourage your children to make friends, read our blog here.


4 girls stood on a school pitch with a football

St Peter’s Boarding Activities

At St Peter’s, we are lucky to be right by the beach and we take advantage of this when it comes to boarding activities! Monday to Friday boarding activities include BBQs, slime art, pottery, yoga, cinema, wakeboarding, campfires with songs… and much more!

 Learn Independence

Boarding schools create a space where students are able to develop skills for independence, that they wouldn’t necessarily have when living at home. These skills are great preparation for after school, and for the responsibilities and challenges that await them growing up to adulthood. Children often want to act older than their years from the moment they can talk, and also want to feel more independent than they are able to. It can be a hard balance for a parent to find a moderate split between allowing children to explore and also reinforcing the rules that are there to keep them safe. With boarding school, children can have a real experience of independence, but still under supervision. This helps children develop these skills so when they do leave home, they will be far more prepared.


School children in a playground

Quality of Teaching

 It’s no secret that the quality of teaching is second to none when it comes to boarding schools, and St Peter’s is no exception. One of the reasons boarding schools are so appealing for parents is because they want to provide their children with the best possible education. Teachers at boarding schools are chosen very carefully and can really get to know your children.

Boarding schools tend to focus on a child’s natural ability and on enhancing and supporting what they are good at and what they enjoy, as opposed to a system that encourages children to be cut from the same cloth.

Here at St Peter’s Prep, we are a mixed boarding school in Devon, which means children have the chance to integrate with each other and develop their social skills regardless of gender. To find out more, book a visit with us, and come and have a look around! Our next open day is on Saturday 5 October 2019 between 10:00 and 12:00.

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