Teaching and Learning: Concentration on Inspection

Concentration on Inspection

Experts believe that, typically, a child can concentrate hard for three to five minutes for every year of their life.  This means a five-year-old may be able to focus for around 15 minutes, while a 10-year-old can stay on task for the best part of an hour. 

Here at St Peter’s we have aimed to develop our timetable with this kind of knowledge in mind. Lessons are split into 5, 20, 30, 50, & 60 minute intervals. We ask the children to settle quickly into lessons, as timekeeping is key to ensuring that the school day is used to maximum efficiency. 

Teaching and Learning Blog 13Jan2020

Here is the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) Academic Team: Mrs Claire Wellington-Smith and Mrs Kate Hurley (including Mrs Lucy Ball, who is taking the photo). 

Teaching and Learning Blog 2 13Jan2020

We have timetable changes for this term AGAIN and everything needs updating AGAIN. We are preparing for an ISI Inspection, hence the concentration on the faces in the photo. (Well … until I cracked a joke about them not concentrating for longer than 3 minutes)!

We have been expecting an Educational Quality Inspection for a while and have been ‘inspection ready’ for quite some time too. This inspection will report on the two main outcomes for pupils: achievement and personal development. Reporting will reference to contributory factors such as the curriculum, teaching and pastoral care. 

We cannot wait to show off what we do here!

I wrote more detail about inspection back in February 2019 in an article entitled. Expect the Unexpected. 

The grid below shows what the inspectors will be looking for evidence of: 

Please see below for the A’s and P’s.

The A’s – Pupils’ academic and other achievementsThe P’s – Pupils’ personal development.

Exam Results and change in attainment over time.




Knowledge, Skills and Understanding (KSU)


Decision Making




Spiritual Understanding




Moral Understanding and responsibility for own behaviour




Social development and collaboration


Study Skills


Contribution to others, the school and the community


Academic and other achievements


Respecting diversity and cultural understanding




Staying safe and keeping healthy


… and so we end Week 1 of Lent Term in a calm and concentrated place. 

We have worked incredibly hard on curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, pastoral care and pupils learning needs over the past 7-8 years since our last integrated inspection and know how much our pupils thrive at this school – let’s hope the inspectors see this too! 

We will let you know more, when we know more….it is a guessing game as to when it will happen!!


Deputy Head Teaching and Learning 


Here are the links to our previous inspections: 


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