Teaching & Learning: Events, Events and more Events

We can’t take any more!!!
And I do not mean just the staff …
In a picture to the left, you can see some of our Year 5 girls who I just happened to pass exactly midway through the BUSIEST of weeks. Exhausted. They had managed to find a ten-minute window free from events. They opted for some much needed rest and recuperation. Stretched out in some really very warm Spring sunshine – these girls took ten minutes out of life to relax and giggle and giggle!

I don’t blame them. Great innovative thinking. (But get down off the tables girls, anyway because now all the kids are at it)!

All these events…?

Are they worth the effort? Yes.
Are they really worth interrupting normal lessons? Yes.
Do all the children really gain something from events? Yes.
Do they add that much? Yes.
Do they interrupt formal learning time? Yes.
Does this matter? Yes.

In fact, it matters very much. When we stop and come together, wonderful interactions take place. We learn the unexpected. We learn the important. We learn about each other and things we may never have dreamed of before. We learn community. Long may the event continue (Just not too many more this term please – we have nearly run out of tea, coffee and biscuits!)

Thanks to everyone for making our Lent term events happen: to all the parents, logistics and operations staff, teaching staff, peripatetic teachers and most of all the pupils for all attending, joining in and being a positive part of our community.

You see – sometimes the event is the learning.


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