Teaching & Learning: Reflection, Review & Target Setting

One day over the Christmas break I decided to go through the St Peter’s photograph folders, (a central place where we all upload our snapshots of life and learning at St Peter’s).

I was uploading my Teaching and Learning photos from last term and became totally overwhelmed at the volume and beauty of the pictures and videos we all took.

What a lot of traditional yet progressive education experiences for our charges.

We share as many of the ‘better’ shots as we can on social media – the vast majority of which are taken by Mr Brett – he works tirelessly to capture the real magic behind the classrooms walls. The Christmas collection was a particular favorite of mine – a more special Christmas run up I cannot remember.

Bright engaged faces in nearly every shot. Engaging top quality learning in nearly every snap. Quite a testimony to just how hard your child worked last term and the dedication of our teaching staff. The children here are hungry to receive the absolute best education that we are able to deliver to them. What a fantastic culture to live and breathe.

Like every teacher, I use the quiet holiday time to reflect … what went well, what was a bit of a disaster, what we can lose next year, what we must keep, how and what should we change and develop?

Hmmmmmmm – there was more ‘to keep’ than delete I’m afraid.

We have sculpted an exciting and enriching curriculum that leaves the calendar busting and bulging at the seams (A bit like my waist line following Christmas!). The pupils were exhausted and ready for a break, however they were also fulfilled and happy. They have made untold progress across the last four month term.

And now it is time for your child to reflect.

Yrs 1-8 will spend time this week (and next) looking at their own individualized Baccalaureate highlighting results. Daunting for new pupils, but they will soon learn the importance of ‘starting a conversation’.

• Where do you want to take your learning next?
• What is it that inspires you?
• Favourite lessons?
• Reasons?
• Worst lessons?
• Reasons?
• Teachers you find it easy to communicate with?
• Ways in which you like to learn?
• Tools we have that support you to learn in your best way?
• Who do you feel would help you if you needed it?
• What do you want to do more of ?
• What do you want to do less of?
• What makes you frustrated?
• Can we find a way round this?
• Do you have any concerns?
• Any feedback from yourself?
• Are YOU doing well?
• How do your parents think you are getting on at school?
• What do you think teachers think about you?
• Have you seen any interesting activities you might like to try?
• How are your friendship dynamics?
• Is there anything more you require from staff?
• How are you going to share your two new targets?

Please do check this terms calendar for details about our forthcoming St. Peter’s School Baccalaureate® Open Tray Evenings – these events will let you, as parents, into some of the secrets about how we work at St Peter’s and what on earth your child has been doing!
Hey, you kids, a message – enjoy what we have meticulously planned for you this term. It’s gonna be hard, but boy, is it gonna be good! The phrase of ‘nose to grindstone’ jumps to mind and remember …

“Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.” – Mark Twain

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