Teaching & Learning: Simplicity

‘Embrace simplicity, desire little, put others first’
Chuang Tzu (Taoist Sage)

The teaching profession likes to make things sound complicated.

Government and policy writers, in education, like to make things VERY complicated.

The logistics of St Peter’s are far from simple.

BUT what St Peter’s actually does do in their teaching and learning is very, very, very simple … WHY?
Because everything we do in terms of planning, preparing and delivering, by its design is always simple.

Do children have the opportunity to be CURIOUS? Do pupils have the opportunity to FIND things out in a range of ways? And then do they PRESENT their learning to others?

Those are the simple things that I ask of staff. We do not demand from our pupils – we try to ensure they demand of themselves. My photos this week were chosen because of their simplicity – taken in one lunchtime over the course of about 3 minutes.

Children putting leaves back on the trees to make it summer again!!! Swinging each other just for fun.
An experiment to see how far a cone would slide.

The age-old gymnastics routine. Full splits!!!

Simplicity is simply beautiful. You see, the simple things are also the most extraordinary things and I think only the WISE amongst us can see them.

Lucy Ball

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