Back to School Essentials

It may be the middle of August but in just a few weeks it’s back to school time, and we’re here to get help you get organised for this important occasion.

We’ve prepared a checklist of back to school essentials to help you get ready for the big event – and for some children, it’ll be more significant than it will be for others.

For some of the older children it will be ‘back to school’, and familiar territory. For others, it may be their very first day at St Peter’s private school, Devon, and children can join the nursery in the term in which they turn three for full or part-time education.

For these little people, it will be a very big first step into the world of education.

It’s important, whatever stage of their learning journey, that they are supported to succeed and excel – and the better prepared they are, the greater the likelihood is of this being achieved.

Your checklist will vary depending on the age of your child and whether they’re a boarder or a day pupil.

But for all the essentials, we’ve got it all covered!


Your child will need a uniform both for the classroom and for the sports field and PE instruction.

School uniform can either be purchased new online from Stevensons (Customer service telephone number 01727 815700) or pre-loved from the PTA’s second-hand clothing sales. The PTA’s next second-hand clothing sales will take place in the school’s Dining Hall on: Thursday 30 August 2018, 10:00 – 12:00; Tuesday 18 September 2018, 08:40 – 10:00; Tuesday 13 November 2018, 08:40 – 09:30

Remember to label the uniform because, inevitably, in a busy changing room after PE things get dropped on the floor, muddled or lost! To avoid confusion all items must be clearly marked with sewn on name tapes. These are available from (Initials and surname only. Background colour: Dark Green; Font: 103; Text Colour: Yellow and no symbol).


Many of you will remember that September thrill of having a new pencil case at the start of the new term. And depending on your child’s age, contents will vary, but below is a fairly comprehensive list of some of the things to remember from Year 5 onwards that need to go in it.

  • School approved ink pen
  • A small set of colouring pencils
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Glue stick
  • Safety scissors
  • Earbud headphones for ICT use
  • Protractor
  • Scientific calculator

Staying Healthy

Schools are places where autumn and winter colds can spread quickly, and while some people are sceptical, other parents swear that multi-vitamins and Vitamin C in particular help guard their children’s health and keep the coughs and sneezes at bay.

Something else that can take hold and quickly spread in a school environment is head lice, so it’s worth buying a nit comb and doing weekly checks for this little parasite. Hopefully you won’t find anything, but if you buy a comb in advance you’ll be ready to take immediate action should you have to.

For parents bringing their children to St Peter’s for the first time this September, read our blog about the teaching and learning ethos at the school.




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