Week 4 – Michaelmas 2020

We are now at the end of Week 4 and I have been in contact with many Headteachers across the country as they deal with the impact of the pandemic on school life. One Deputy Head in London has had positive cases in Year 2 and Year 5 (siblings). This has resulted in the entire Year 2 bubble and the entire Year 5 bubble, as well as the breakfast club and after-school club bubbles, being sent home for 14 days, along with associated teachers and TAs – a total of 90 people. The switch to remote learning for these pupils was immediate. At St Peter’s, we have had staff who have to be at home while family members await tests (which are extremely difficult to come by), while other staff and pupils have had temperatures or coughs and have had to take a test and await results. We have had no positive results. If we do have a positive test for Covid-19 I will make sure to inform the community. However, it is not policy to inform parents if a test is being carried out, as this could come very onerous! We are very vigilant here and keep up-to-date with any changes in Government policy or guidance.

The main priority and focus for schools in dealing with the situation is to have small, contained bubbles, which we are doing here at St Peter’s, and a flexibility to move to online learning, which we also have at St Peter’s, as well as quick and informative communication. The latest information from the Government, as
well as the rule of six, means that some tweaks will be necessary here. We ask all external visitors to wear masks, as well as those parents who need to get out of the car to hand over children in Nursery and Reception. It is essential that you, as parents, are responsible with your families at home, abiding by the
new laws to keep our staff and community safe. This means that there should not be parties or sleepovers which would involve more than six. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much indeed for the feedback completed in the parent survey sent last week. We are taking on board the feedback, as well as that from staff, and will be addressing issues in the coming weeks. We are, of course, planning for the days shortening, as well as more difficult weather, ahead. I can tell you
that we will move to more regular timings after half-term, with a 16:00-16:20 pick-up for Year 1 to Year 8, in particular. We are also moving towards more choice in the dining room and the introduction of some bubble activities in the 16:00-17:00 slot. Year 7 will be soon split into their two classes. The timetable will be adapted so that we can reintroduce drama, computing and religion & philosophy as well as the more traditional Games slots which will allow us to move to match play when permitted. More information is to follow.

Mrs Charlotte Johnston

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