Autumn 2021 – Week 10

We have enjoyed some spectacular weather, here, at St Peter’s, over the last few weeks: crisp Autumn days, wonderful colour on the trees and glamorous sunsets.

Last week, I was on inspection duty. It is a privilege to inspect other schools, to observe other lessons, meet children and see how other schools are run. Inspection is a professional development rocket for me and, consequently, the whole team, as I come back with a big list for us to work through to ensure compliance and continued excellence. The inspection we had here at St Peter’s,
the week before the country went into full lockdown in March 2020, feels like a lifetime ago! It is always absolutely brilliant to come back to St Peter’s. I feel incredibly lucky to lead such a wonderful school, and also lucky not to be fighting my way through London rush hour on a more regular basis!

The PTA meeting this week, again, had an excellent turnout. My enormous thanks to Kirsty Gillies, our PTA Chair, who is working with the PTA to put on an amazing Christmas Fair, next weekend. Parents have been unbelievably generous with raffle prizes and this looks to be a real highlight. We are also organising a silent auction for some really wonderful prizes and experiences. The PTA raises money both for the school, as well as our whole school charity. Pictured are the incredible new basketball hoops purchased by the PTA, with lowering action that enables smaller children to play too. Our new bike racks, requested by the older pupils, are on their way. This year, our whole school charity is Above Water, a water safety charity which leads workshops for children in schools. Our workshops are all booked in for next year and we are very much looking forward to these. We are very grateful to the PTA for supporting our whole school charity fundraising efforts.

Enjoy the weekend and don’t get blown away in the storms! I will leave you with a picture of me recording my voice for the EY Nativity. This year, I am the ‘Magic Carpet…..’ !

Charlotte Johnston

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