On Thursday, we held our Final Assembly (sadly, virtually this year), with a variety of prizes being awarded. We spend a lot of time considering the prizes and try to make sure that they are awarded in a fair and transparent way. Prizes are given per class for Achievement in academic work, as well as for exceptional demonstration of the St Peter’s Qualities of Courtesy, Consideration and Common Sense. For Sport, we have awards for each team for Most Improved, as well as a Player of the Season. This year, we have made some additional changes. We have moved the awarding of Colours for Sport, Art, Drama, Music to the upper ends of Lower School (Y5) and Upper School (Y8) as this makes much more sense with the way that the school is now structured. We have also introduced ‘Ambassadors’ in Year 8 for Music, Art, Drama, Languages, Maths/Science, Technology, Wellbeing and Boarding. There are many more prizes and awards given at
Speech Day, at the end of the school year, in addition to these ones in Final Assembly. The most exciting, of course, is the awarding of the Murray Cup, which denotes the term’s winning House. Details of prizes awarded can be found in our parent newsletter.

At our Final Assembly, we also had a mini-Miss Paver and mini-Mrs Bruce-Jones, our Reception teachers, join us and tell the school to ‘wiggle your fingers’ and ‘put your finger on your nose if you are listening’. Their outfits were exceptional, from the leopard-print and DM boots to velvet shoes and scarf. Here is a picture for your enjoyment!

Please look in your child’s book bag. There is a Christmas Card AND next term’s school calendar. Keep an eye out for it!!

With very best wishes to you and your families for a lovely Christmas together.

Charlotte and all the Johnstons

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