‘LIVE’ assembly and Falkner House Day

We have lambs here on site and, after the rain, all is looking lush and beautiful.

Congratulations to everyone for completing week 2 of virtual ‘lockdown’ school as School life continues, albeit remotely. I have spoken to prospective families this week, held remote management meetings, video conferenced future school advice for some families and had some good catch-ups with fellow Heads who provide a support network for each other in these extraordinary times. Mrs Ball and I have continued with storytime for Pre-prep and Lower School and it is lovely to see and have a catch-up with the children, and often the parents in the background! We hope that we will have more information soon on when schools will return to some type of normal, but at the moment we, as with the rest of the general public, do not have any further clarity.

Thank you for all of your work with the children at home. They are clearly enjoying their learning and it is wonderful to see some of the pictures of their work which have been shared with us. Well done to the key worker school as well. Year 2 created the most wonderful thank you video for their teachers which is shared with you here. I know you and I certainly appreciate all of their work to make the lessons fun and engaging and to ensure that children continue to make progress here at St Peter’s. A highlight of my week was popping into the Reception tutor classroom to see Mrs Bruce-Jones deep in Maths explanations, where she passed half of her banana to Miss Atkins who (off camera) picked up her half of a banana and, as if by magic, Mrs Bruce-Jones had passed it through the screen! Amazing. I’ve also dropped in to see Will D in Year 8 to wish him a happy birthday and have loved running my first ‘LIVE’ assembly with help from Falkner House Day.

Thanks for all the Harefield Run photos – they are so fabulous. Well done to Mrs White for organising.

Charlotte Johnston, Head

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