Spring Term 2022 Week 4

We have been conducting our Departmental Review for the Languages faculty this week (English, French and Spanish).  All the teachers have been observed teaching, we have interviewed pupils and staff via a survey and discussed progression of spelling, reading and writing.  It has been a wonderful week.  Mrs Parker, in particular, in her role as Head of Faculty has absolutely loved observing lessons, from Nursery all the way up to Year 8.  She told me her week had been ‘joyous’.  Mine too has been joyous and that is because I have been covering her lessons, so that she could go and observe.  As a previous Head of English myself, I do love getting stuck into reading comprehension with a group of children – so, all in all, a wonderful week.  


Thank you to parents for joining us for Open Tray evenings over the next couple of weeks.  We have loved seeing the children so proud to show off their work and their classrooms.  A very personal ‘show and share’.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for the PTA funding ideas.  At the time of writing we have had 128 votes and it is a tie between Gardening, Gym and Playtime resources, so every vote really does count!  I will give you the weekend and close the voting poll on Monday morning.


Charlotte Johnston


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