The Beauty of Community

I have written before about the importance of community from the angle of ‘The St Peter’s Randoms’Nothing has changed since I wrote this. Everyone who visits or helps out at St Peter’s still has the children at the fore of their minds, ALL THE TIME. 

This week, I want to write to talk about how the other ‘randoms’,  our St Peter’s parents, also still support us.   They support us when things are going right and they support us when things go wrong.  This support has a direct impact on how the pupils perform. 

Thank you to the whole school community for the interest and attendance at this year’s book fair. I heard such excited chatter booming out of the Hub, last week. It is such a joy to see more and more of our parents on school site for a whole range of reasons, the book fair being just one example. 

Biggest thanks to Mrs Parker and Miss Hodder Williams, who pretty much stole the show manning the fair for hours at a time. A tremendous job. Just wait until the ordered books are handed out to the pupils…the squeals will be heard all around!  Inspiring children to read is an endless and important task, with seriously BIG outcomes for everyone

It has been great to see such good parent numbers at our recent start of term academic presentations, next schools events and parent workshops. Your attendance is so appreciated. Your questions are insightful and your support for the school is obvious. Finally, thank you parents for your support, even when waiting late into the evening for buses to return from sports matches. We appreciate your support and patience with us because, again, you parents keep the children at the fore of your minds ALL THE TIME, TOO.


Here are our Year 8 boys posing for a photo at the end of a match, instead of running for the bus (I cannot think why we are late back sometimes)!!! 

We are slowly and cautiously building back towards our normaland beautiful daily connections between pupils, parents and staff, without a doubt an essential and underestimated part of the magic of our school recipe. I know from chatting to parents, this week, that you have all noticed life’s speed picking up again and this is even more of the reason why I have written today about the importance of our parents’ community additions. THANK YOU. 

If you can make any future events then please DO come on in and it will be nice to see you, to see you nice! 

Lucy Ball 

Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning

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