St Peter’s Preparatory School’s mission statement: ‘Our school is where we belong, where we are happy and where we feel proud of our achievements. Where tradition matters and everyone shines.’

Believe it achieve it!

Our ethos

We aspire for our children to be the best in all that they undertake – whether that is academically, culturally or in sporting activities. We value participation, team spirit and the will to win.

We recognise that every child is unique and is inspired to learn in a different way.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and caring school environment.

We see the school community as an extension of family life and all children are treated as valued members of the community.

We are a Christian community, where all relationships are built on respect.

Our aims

To give each child the opportunity to develop their full potential, allowing them to progress to their senior years as successful and self-confident individuals.

To provide a broad curriculum and a full programme of activities, to maintain small class sizes and an excellent, experienced and committed teaching staff.

To encourage children to learn to work independently as they progress through the school.

To provide excellent pastoral care and an environment in which children can feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to.

To foster in our children an appreciation of the need to be courteous, considerate and to use their common sense in all areas of life.

To offer support and guidance to children in need, in partnership with parents and carers.