Our Values

Achievement, Nurture, Endeavour, Community, Opportunity & Fun.

“The outstanding achievement and progress (of pupils) are underpinned by the implementation and consistent delivery across all ages and stages of the St Peter’s School Baccalaureate® which is a bespoke skills-based curriculum where pupils are empowered as individuals to be involved in and plan the course of their own learning.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Report 2020

Life at St Peter’s

“Pupils at all ages participate in lessons enthusiastically, embrace challenge and enjoy their learning.”

ISI Report 2020


Being the best you can be – whether that is in sailing, reciting a poem or achieving gold in the Junior Maths Challenge. We prepare our students to thrive in the society in which we live, through the promotion of key learning skills: curiosity, finding and presenting. We believe it is through nurturing and encouraging these skills that our students will realise their full potential.

Children are given the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways: through exploration and research, to break down subject boundaries and to acquire a mix of knowledge and skills. In essence, the St Peter’s School Baccalaureate covers all the National Curriculum but also enhances, stretches and expands it.

Pupils doing a science experiment with test tubes


Learning to learn, in the words of Charles Dickens: to stop saying ‘I wish’ and saying ‘I will’. We learn about fixed and growth mindsets and learn the power of ‘yet’. I haven’t learnt my 5x table. I haven’t learnt my 5x table YET.


The importance of friendship, pastoral care, support for others and for charities, kindness, well-being and, of course, nurturing of the soul in music, singing, yoga, nature, praise and drama.

St Peter's pupils at the beach


Being part of the gang, whether it is a sports team, or the house system, your class or your school. Parents, staff and pupils form our community and we take a leading part in our local community too. Our thriving PTA runs many school events from the Halloween Disco to the St Peter’s Summer Ball. When your child joins St Peter’s you become part of a wonderful community for life.

Opportunity & Fun…

Finding the thing that makes you special, trying boarding and its activities and seizing the day. Philosophy and Critical Thinking forms part of our curriculum and the children have the opportunity to think, consider and critique.

Life at St Peter’s