Expeditions & Activities

Extra-curricular provision at St Peter’s is broad and extensive. On Friday afternoons, the school timetable is collapsed and children choose from a range of activities from sailing to coding, kickboxing or being part of the school’s eco-council group.

Activities and choice, therefore, form part of the Curriculum and the school day; but, there are also a range of lunchtime and after school activities which are included in the fees or at an extra cost for specialist teachers (e.g. martial arts).

Life at St Peter’s

On average, a trip is run every week of term time; the majority of these are included in the fees.


We make the most of the local area with trips to farms, museums, galleries and castles as well as Exeter Library on the train for our Reception children!


All children visit the theatre every year.

Overnight expeditions begin in Year 3, with children staying locally then venturing further afield (e.g. London and France) as they move through the school.

Optional cultural and sporting trips also take place usually in the Easter holidays, with recent trips to Iceland, Rome and Sorrento.

Life at St Peter’s