A new teaching tool coming to St Peter’s Prep School: Atom Learning

We will soon begin using an additional learning platform called Atom Learning. 

Some staff are starting to trial using it now. Most staff from January 2021 will also be using it. If you would like to learn more then please follow this link:

Atom Learning

This is an adaptive online teaching and learning platform partnered with Galore Park ( specialist educational publisher). Atom Learning helps children consolidate Key Stage 2 knowledge and prepare for assessments. Where appropriate, we will begin to use Atom Learning’s school platform (Atom Prime) to:

  • create lessons and homework across English, Maths, VR and NVR;
  • gain performance insight into year group, class and individual strengths and areas to work on.

Atom Prime works best on Google Chrome. Teachers are able to set lessons, videos, worked examples and questions to support and challenge the children as required. It is only appropriate for Year 3 4 5 and 6.  The platform enables Year 7 & 8 pupils to consolidate key concepts and skills ensuring access and mastery of both the English and Maths curriculum.

Atom Prime essentially combines the highest quality, teacher-made content across 


  • English, 
  • Maths,
  • Verbal Reasoning and
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning


It includes bespoke explanations after each question, hundreds of video tutorials and text-based resources, with sophisticated technology that adapts to the individual student’s level.  The teachers will train the pupils in how to use it over the coming months – there is nothing you need to do as parents.

Atom Learning also produces a parent / home side to their work which is called Atom Nucleus. Atom Nucleus is a revision tool & a personalised learning tutor for pupils at home. It offers: 

  • Personalised learning journey
  • Adaptive learning to maximise engagement
  • Comprehensive, teacher-approved content
  • Unlimited, adaptive mock tests
  • Detailed performance analytics

There is no expectation or need for parents to sign up and purchase this side of the platform (Atom Nucleus) individually, but some may be interested in further activities and support for their children at home.  If you would like more information please follow the link: https://atomlearning.co.uk/nucleus.


Lucy Ball
Deputy Head, Teaching & Learning

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