Educational Activities for Half-Term

With the October half-term soon to be upon us, we are already looking forward to hearing all the stories of what everyone got up to on their holidays! If you are a little stuck for ideas on what you could get up to, we have a range of exciting educational activities that you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors:


If the weather is typically British, then it will likely rain at some point during the holidays. Don’t worry though, as there is plenty that you can get up to indoors.


The range of games that can be played indoors are almost endless! Whether you prefer a classic board game such as Scrabble or Cluedo, or the children like something a little more active such as Twister or Hide and Seek, a games day will provide fun for all the family. You could even get their competitive juices running by having a Games Champion Challenge.


Making the most of the technology at home can help to benefit a child’s education in the long term. You may have read our recent blog on ‘How Children Can Make the Most of Technology’, which offers a range of app suggestions suitable for tablets and iPads that are both fun and educational. This is perfect entertainment for the holidays as it keeps the children entertained while reiterating what they have been learning at school.

Arts & Crafts

Get the children’s creativity running this October half-term with some arts and crafts activities. With Halloween soon coming up, this could be a great theme to work around, creating decorations for the big day. If you are short on ideas, take a look at Pinterest where you will find a whole world of child-friendly crafts.

Build a Fort

No matter what age you are, building a fort will always be a fun activity! If you start building this at the beginning of the week, you can then enjoy it all half-term long, and adapt it as you wish. Turn the fort into a reading nook, a princess’ palace or a pirate’s cave, and you can tell your own stories about the fort. This is the perfect place to test out the movie making apps where the children can film their efforts from beginning to end to see how it evolves over the week.


If the weather holds off and is good enough to get out and about, we have got some great ideas for what you could get up to this half-term (of which are good even if it is raining):


October is a perfect time for foraging in the UK, and heading out on a country walk to find some fine fruits is an excellent activity for children of all ages. You can play games to spot the different fruits, berries and trees, then bring your findings home to cook up into something delicious. Blackberries are the most commonly found berry, and these are hidden in hedgerows and many other countryside locations. Then you can turn these into delicious jams, tarts, crumbles or any other sweet treat. If it is raining, pop on your raincoats and umbrellas and go dancing in the rain!


If you have not heard about Geocaching then you are in for a real treat. This treasure hunt mobile app is fantastic all year round. You simply download the app, and it will track your location, showing you where the ‘caches’ are hidden. Some pots just have a simple log book to sign, while others have toys which you can swap around. Test out your orienteering skills on a Geocaching route and uncover hidden gems in your local area that you might have never found otherwise! This activity can be as long or as short as you like, and once you have found your first cache, you will be very excited to carry on.

Sports Day

Why not gather up a group of your children’s friends and host your very own sports day? You can make the events as serious or as funny as you like and build a trophy for the winners. This will help to get everyone outside and keep them active, making the most of the last of the warm weather. Prepare a picnic lunch to refuel half way through the day, and ensure that everyone has enough water to keep them hydrated.

Camping (or Glamping)

With a week off school, this is the perfect opportunity to head off on a well-deserved holiday or a mini-break. You can visit somewhere abroad, or stay a little closer to home and pitch up a tent – you could even do this in your back garden and host a great camping adventure. Remember to bring some books and games (and of course some marshmallows to toast around the fire). Camping is a fantastic activity for the children, giving them a chance to experience the Great Outdoors in a new light. In Devon alone, there are a seemingly endless number of beautiful places to go for a night or two of camping – or luxury glamping.

Do not forget that during the holidays FISH run a holiday club at our private schools, Devon where the children will be able to enjoy a wide range of exciting activities, from those who love to be sporty to those who prefer the more creative side!

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