The Benefits of Introducing Your Child to Easy Chores

For some parents, the idea of their child doing chores can feel strange. It isn’t uncommon for parents to want to allow their children the freedom to play in their spare time.

Playtime is undoubtedly an important aspect of childhood and development, and it should remain so! However, introducing your child with little jobs to help around the house has many advantages for them.

Easy Chore Ideas for Children

When we refer to chores, they of course need to be within the child’s age range and capabilities.

For example, for young children between ages three and five, much of the focus might be to develop personal hygiene habits, such as:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Washing hands
  • Brushing hair
  • Getting changed

As they develop these skills, you might introduce other errands such as:

  • Helping to clear their place at the dinner table
  • Putting clothes in the laundry basket
  • Packing their school bag
  • Feeding any pets

As your child grows, you might introduce them to things such as choosing their own clothes, making their bed and tidying their room.

Below, we explain why these types of chores are beneficial for your child!

A toothbrush

Helps Install Independence for Later Life

First and foremost, learning small chores will help them in the future. Introducing chores isn’t so much about making them ‘work’, but helping them to develop skills to use later in life!

It’s a sad reality, but our children grow, and they won’t remain little forever. While we love to feel depended on, at some point, children need to discover their own independence.

The little chores you install in their daily lives will help them develop the knowledge of how to look after themselves. These aren’t necessarily skills that they learn academically, so setting a positive example and helping them to be independent is a must.

Provides a Sense of Responsibility

Responsibility is an essential thing to learn and develop as it helps children, and people, understand more about the world and how it functions.

As children begin to understand the different chores that contribute to the running of the home, it may also instil appreciation for what each person does, including themselves.

More importantly, feeling responsible and independent also increases their feelings of pride. Feeling proud of their contributions and maturity is not only motivational, but it also contributes to feelings of self-confidence.

A child at St Peter's Prep baking cupcakes

Creates a Team Atmosphere

As your child learns from you and feels helpful towards the home, it will also develop a team atmosphere, which also contributes to their levels of confidence and productivity.

By learning how each person contributes to the team, your child will also learn about accountability, which will help them work as a team later in life, such as school projects and the work environment.

Develops Work Ethic

Helping with chores helps develop an incredibly valuable characteristic that will help them throughout their life: strong work ethic.

Self-motivation, confidence, accountability and teamwork are all positive traits that help create a high level for working hard. This is something that teachers and future employees seek in their team members and help your child become self-reliant.

It may also spark the desire to work for themselves, which is also an incredible development!

Children at St Peter's Prep baking

All in all, small chores introduced at a young age help your child to develop independence while enhancing a family bond through teamwork. As you see them learn and grow under your supervision, it can help to create proud, family memories and your child will look up to you as an inspiring mentor.

Here at St Peter’s Prep, our private primary school in Devon strives to help children become independent, and we offer many incredible educational and extra curriculum opportunities. To discover more about what we offer, please contact Rachel Elliott, Director of Admissions & Marketing, on 01395 280335 or email

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