The Benefits of Going to School by the Sea

Beyond the picturesque backdrops that foster a serene and inspiring atmosphere, close proximity to the sea can also provide unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. Pupils of all ages can engage in outdoor activities, explore ecosystems, and delve into subjects like marine biology and environmental studies, along with plenty of chances to play too.

Choosing a school located by the coast can offer a unique and enriching experience with a range of potential benefits. Here are just some of the reasons we love being near the sea!

Outdoor Learning Opportunities

The school environment works at its best when it utilises the surrounding environment and local opportunities. Proximity to the coast allows for hands-on experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom settings. Students have the chance to explore tide pools, study marine life, and participate in environmental science projects, enriching their understanding through direct interaction with the coastal ecosystem.

These outdoor activities not only make learning more engaging but also promote a deeper connection to nature. By incorporating the sea into the educational experience, students gain practical insights, fostering a love for exploration and a sense of environmental stewardship they wouldn’t get from exclusively classroom lessons.

Why are school trips important

Health and Wellbeing

The sound of waves and the sea breeze can have a calming effect, which helps reduce stress levels and promotes a sense of relaxation. A school trip to the beach is a fun day out but can also offer a relaxed and focused learning atmosphere that students can start to embrace and bring back to the school. The coastal setting also provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, such as walks along the shore or water sports, promoting physical fitness.

Ultimately, the combination of a serene environment, fresh sea air, and outdoor activities contributes to a holistic approach to education, supporting both the physical and mental wellbeing of students who can regularly access these spaces.

Recreation and Sports

The coastal location provides students with unparalleled opportunities for water-based activities such as sailing, surfing, swimming, and beach sports. Engaging in these beach activities not only promotes physical fitness but also instils teamwork and friendship.

Students can develop essential life skills while enjoying the thrill of water sports, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience that extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

At St Peter’s Prep we encourage our students to learn outdoors and take part in outdoor activities. During the summer, our older students can enjoy activities at the beach such as sailing and wakeboarding every week.

Students enjoying the beach

Cultural and Historical Significance

Regions along the coast often boast rich maritime histories, providing students with an opportunity to delve into the fascinating stories of seafaring communities, maritime trade, and naval exploration.

Coastal schools will likely have access to local museums, historical landmarks, and cultural events that highlight the profound impact of the sea on human civilisation. Studying in such an environment not only enriches students’ understanding of history but also fosters an appreciation for the diverse cultural tapestry shaped by the coastal landscape.

Inspiration for Creativity

The beauty and vastness of the sea can serve as a source of inspiration for artistic endeavours. The play of light on the water, the soothing sound of waves, and the coastal landscapes offer a rich tapestry for students studying arts, literature, and other creative subjects.

The sea’s dynamic nature stimulates imagination, encouraging students to explore and express themselves in unique ways.

Students at the beach

Global Perspective

Students attending a school by the sea are uniquely positioned to witness firsthand the impact of global challenges on their local environment. This exposure equips them with a nuanced understanding of global issues, preparing them to become informed and engaged citizens in our interconnected world.

St Peter’s Prep Location

Here at St Peter’s Prep, a private school in Devon, learning outside of the classroom is a huge part of our school. We are located just a 10 minute drive from beaches such as Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton, with our students enjoying these seaside trips regularly, especially in summer.

If you think your child would benefit from all the great things about attending a school that’s near the seaside, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or request a prospectus!

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