The Benefits of Learning Outside the Classroom

Children are naturally inclined to explore and discover, and we believe in encouraging this instinct to its fullest potential. Fresh air, sunshine and a change of scenery are great ways to get students excited about their education.

Outdoor learning provides our students with a refreshing and invigorating opportunity to engage with the local flora and fauna.

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Outdoor Learning for Children

The outside world isn’t just meant for play but also for learning.

St Peter’s Prep is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, situated between moorland and the coast and overlooking the tranquil waters of the Exe Estuary. Not to mention, Dartmoor and Exmoor being within reach mean there are plenty of stimulating opportunities to get some exercise along the scenic route.

We take full advantage of this location by regularly taking students to the surrounding beaches or the wild heathland of Woodbury Common. Some of our outdoor activities include:

  • Going for walks
  • Gardening
  • Geography lessons
  • Science lessons
  • Bird watching
  • Den building
  • Sailing or learning to wakeboard (for older pupils only)
  • Tree climbing

While indoor play areas are still very beneficial for a student’s education, the unique location of St Peter’s Prep ensures that students get the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, keeping education interesting and engaging while also crafting some unforgettable memories.

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Making Learning Exciting

Research indicates that indoor learning alone does not benefit cognitive development the same way a healthy variety of outdoor and indoor learning does, meaning that an interactive approach to subjects like Geography and Science can greatly boost students’ learning ability.

Sometimes, children can conceptualise concepts better with a ‘hands on’ approach and fieldwork can help illuminate the exciting potential of scientific subjects.

What better way to learn about the natural world than to personally experience all that the rural landscape of Devon has to offer? Or what about developing an intuition for measurement, patience and responsibility through gardening?

Giving children the opportunity to engage with the outside world in a safe environment is an excellent way of fuelling their passion for learning overall.

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Connecting With Nature & Health

Taking lessons outside presents an opportunity for both outward and inward growth. Increasingly, we are coming to terms with our environmental impact, so it’s vital to teach our children about sustainability. Establishing a connection with nature presents a chance to educate children about the responsibility we all share in taking care of the world we live in.

Not to mention, spending time outdoors boosts your mood and promotes good physical health. It also reduces blood pressure, stress hormones and helps to improve cognitive ability. Therefore, outdoor learning is crucial for the development of young children and provides a healthy framework that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We believe that a preparatory school experience is made complete with outdoor learning, offering pupils rejuvenation and adventure.

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