Benefits of Boarding at St Peter’s Prep

Enrolling your child in boarding school is a big decision, but it opens the door to some exciting possibilities. Whether it’s just for a few days a week or full terms, boarding life can offer a range of benefits for your child, setting them up for future success and helping create life-long friendships!

Our boarding school in Devon provides several boarding opportunities for children in Years 3-8 to ensure all of our pupils can thrive and grow.

The Benefits of Boarding School

Initially, the prospect of boarding school can be daunting – for children and parents alike. But even amidst those first bouts of homesickness, most boarders will start discovering the many social, personal and academic benefits of boarding life.

If you’re still considering whether boarding at St Peter’s Prep is right for your family, read on to find out more about what we can offer.

How to choose the right boarding school

1. Varied Activity Programme

One of the reasons boarding is so popular here at St Peter’s is the many activities we facilitate. Whether it’s activities in the evening or excursions away from the boarding house, there is always something going on.

Every half term, we publish an activity programme mapping out what kinds of things are in the works. Activities our boarders often enjoy include:

  • Bowling
  • Pottery
  • Crafts
  • Film nights
  • Wakeboarding

St Peter’s students doing a sporting activity

2. Options For Flexi & Weekly Boarding

Boarding at St Peter’s is done on a flexible basis. This means the pupils may board for a night or two here and there or a couple of set days a week, always going home at the weekend. Flexi-boarding gives children the chance to explore a deeper sense of independence without being away from home for extended periods.

For parents, flexi-boarding can also function as an alternative to getting a babysitter, giving you the occasional night to yourself while your kids enjoy themselves with school friends and activities.

The benefits of flexi-boarding

3. Academic Support

Each day after school, boarders will have a prep session, which provides a dedicated time and space for them to do some homework with the support of tutors. Prep sessions give an opportunity to reflect on what’s been learnt that day, and the teachers on duty will be able to offer extra help with anything pupils are struggling with.

4. Developing Social Skills & Friendships

Bonds formed at boarding schools can last a lifetime. Spending more time with peers encourages children to develop their social skills in new ways and form stronger friendships.

Our boarding house is very small, with the boys’ and girls’ dormitories only sleeping up to eight. This creates a close-knit community, providing a sense of extended family while children stay at the school. The new environment allows children to explore different social settings and become more confident when communicating with others.

A group of St Peter’s pupils sitting by a bench

5. Gaining Independence

Being away from home, even if it’s just for a few days, helps your child spread their wings of independence in a way they can’t do at home. They’ll get a taste of some of the freedom and responsibilities that come from not relying so heavily on parents.

Our boarding opportunities give children the feeling of more independence while still providing a structured environment with rules to follow. This helps them develop these key skills they’ll keep building as they get older.

6. Reinforcing Good Habits

All of our boarders are expected to contribute to the smooth running of the boarding house and respect their fellow students. Each child will be part of a weekly duty rota, which gives them small tasks and a chance to feel part of a community.

This may include things like setting tables at mealtimes and helping tidy up. Having responsibilities like this helps reinforce good habits and further instils respect for others, showing the value of working together to create enjoyable, communal environments.

How to prepare your child for boarding school

What is Boarding School Like?

All of these elements combine to create a fun, nurturing environment that supports your child as they grow into themselves. At St Peter’s Prep, we aim to create a home away from home for our boarders, providing structure and security while also offering the chance to participate in enriching activities they’ll remember for years to come.

If you think boarding at our boarding school in Devon might be the right fit for you and your child, please get in touch with the admissions team at 01395 280335 or email

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