Careers Morning – Summer Term 2023

We had a very exciting morning on 4 July 2023: Careers Morning. We were joined by all manner of professionals, to talk to the children about their working lives. This year, we were joined by a Met Office Climate Service Lead, a Finance Director, a Food Scientist, a Pharmacist/Entrepreneur, a Designer/Illustrator, an Army Medic, a RNLI crew member and a Farmer/Milkshake Maker! What a fantastic breadth of skill and wealth of knowledge for the children to explore and investigate.

The St Peter’s Career Morning is an important part of our offering to pupils, widening their understanding of where their learning at school can take them.  There are three key messages we hope to instil in them:

a) A job is a job and when you need money you sometimes have to work really hard for it! A starting job may not be what you want to do, or indeed, end up doing. The speakers referred to their earliest experiences of work: paper round, serving cups of tea, cleaning hotel rooms etc.

b) We also want pupils to know that no career need last a lifetime in 2023. Career paths can change and grow as you change and grow. Some speakers talked about significant changes in their career path and about some of the reasons that pushed them to change focus or direction. They described how scary it can be, but also how beneficial to change career directions.

c) Many of our speakers challenged career stereotypes. For example, women who stay at home, with husbands who go to work and certain genders complete certain jobs – e.g. nurses are always a woman and builders are always men.

Our pupils relished the chance to see what possible career paths lie ahead for them and we hope to have inspired them for the future.  A huge thank you to all our brilliant speakers, for so generously giving up their time to spend a fascinating morning with us.

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