9 of the Best Christmas Films to Watch this December

Now that the Christmas holidays have officially started, there’s still lots of time to entertain excited young minds before the big day. While there are various events and activities that can help to keep children busy over the holidays, there are always going to be times when they are in search of something to do during the long dark nights ahead. That’s where Christmas films come in. Whether you prefer the nostalgia associated with the classic films you watched as a child or you appreciate the wackier, more modern versions, we’ve made a list of some of the best films to curl up in front of the fire and watch as a family over the festive season.

Home Alone

An age-old classic that has only got better with time. Home Alone was first released back in 1990 and continues to mark the start of the festive seasons for households all over the world. The story follows Macauley Culkin, who feels like an outcast of his large family and is accidentally left behind while the rest of them head on vacation. A humorous account that also carries some significant messages about the magic of Christmas and spending time together; a must-watch during December!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Everyone’s favourite grump, you can’t help but empathise with the Grinch and his dog, Max, as you learn of his hatred for Christmas, and perhaps even relate to it, and sympathies grow even stronger as you discover the reasons why. This film certainly has the feel-good factor and teaches younger children about what Christmas is really about.


Follow everyone’s favourite full-sized elf as he ventures from the North Pole to New York in search of his real dad. A human, raised by elves, he has no concept of modern city-living and finds himself in all sorts of situations from snowball fights in Central Park to creating winter wonderlands in department stores. A funny film that resonates with both children and adults alike. It’s on ITV on the 16th December if you don’t have a copy to hand.

It’s a Wonderful Life

A classic film that was released over sixty years ago; nothing says Christmas quite like bankruptcy and death. Despite the rather gloomy overtones to the film, children of all ages will enjoy the storyline nonetheless, and it’s perfect for grandparent viewing. Sometimes it’s good to remind youngsters that there was a time before HD, Bluray and all things digital, and this is what it looks like.

Miracle on 34th Street

There are various versions of this inspirational movie, and any of those will do when it comes to Christmas viewing. A business-focused mum starts to believe in the magic of Christmas once again, with the help of her young daughter and manages to prove the existence of Father Christmas in court. This film is iconic and will usually feature in the Christmas schedules of families at some point in December.

The Snowman

An animated adventure that takes children on a magical journey, this Christmas classic has a soundtrack to rival any. The film not only follows a fantastic story but also includes key themes surrounding friendship, love and imagination and teaches the lesson that something doesn’t have to last forever to change your life.


An animated film that captured the hearts of young children up and down the country upon its release – and continues to do so.  Frozen is perceived a festive favourite by many, particularly those aged between five and eleven. The catchy songs will stay with you over the Christmas holidays, and there’s certainly some life lessons to be learned. The snowy setting makes for truly festive viewing.

The Polar Express

A fantastic film that takes us all on a Christmas Eve adventure to the North Pole. The Polar Express teaches of the importance of bravery, friendship, the spirit of Christmas and the importance of believing. Starring Tom Hanks, the festive film resonates particularly well with primary school aged children and is perfect to pop on during a particularly cold, dark night this December.

Arthur Christmas

A modern, humorous film that looks to answer the untold story of how Father Christmas manages to deliver all those presents in just one night. A classic Christmas tale of highs and lows with a modern, technological twist, this film is sure to delight children of all ages and is an easy post-dinner watch before bed.

That concludes our list of recommended Christmas films to watch and enjoy over the school holidays. Whether your child is of pre-school age or a pupil at our private school in Devon, there’s a film for everyone on our list! Have you got any other Christmas film suggestions or think that something is missing off of our list? Let us know via the comments on social media!



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