Easy Children’s Summer Ice Lollies to Try at Home

Are you hoping to make your summer holidays with the family that little more memorable?

Making ice lollies is a fun, family activity that is incredibly easy… and the results are delicious!

Whether you want to try to make them together, or want to provide a special treat for your littlest ones about to head to our prep school in September, there is much scope when making ice lollies during the warmer months!

Below, we provide some of the simplest recipes to try, all including healthy fruit to bring out those summer flavours!

Strawberries sliced in a blue bowl

What You Need

There are a few essential items for making ice lollies. Before you get started, ensure you have the following equipment at hand:

• Freezer
• Food processor or a blender
• Ice lolly moulds
• Lolly sticks

Once you have these four things, you are ready to begin!


A row of oranges sliced on a wooden table

Extra Tips

Below we have a few extra pointers to ensure you create the tastiest ice lollies:

• Many of the recipes below are easily adapted and can be slightly adjusted to suit your taste preferences.
How long it takes the ice lollies to freeze will depend on the ingredients. For example, yoghurt based ones may take longer, and as we have mentioned, they may require overnight freezing. Most lollies will take around six to eight hours, but you can keep checking their progress every few hours.
• For yoghurt based lollies, the process doesn’t have to stop after freezing! You can always dip them in chocolate and sprinkles (or whatever ingredients you prefer) to make them extra special. This part might be especially fun for younger children and is a chance for them to be creative.


Easy Children’s Summer Ice Lollies to Try at Home Infographic


Hopefully, we have provided you with some simple ice lolly recipes to get you started this summer! St Peter’s Prep is a private boarding school dedicated to providing our students with extra curriculum activities. We know the importance of healthy and productive activities that benefit our pupils’ mental wellbeing.


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