A brand new version of the St Peter’s ‘Final Frontier’ guide is now available as a free download here on the St Peter’s website.

This invaluable guide gives information about something quite unique to our school: The final Year 7 and Year 8 experience for children 11 to 13. An option that gives your child an extra 2 years in the nurturing and productive setting that they have got used to while focusing upon their confidence, aptitude and attitude towards learning during an important time in their development.

The booklet was produced to both give parents a preview of what the 2 years has to offer their child, but also to give some clarity and help in making an informed choice of ‘next step’ in their child’s education once they leave the school. Their time at St Peter’s will have made a strong foundation for their remaining education – we feel it prudent to ensure that the next stage builds upon that strength.

The guide also helps to take some the ‘mystery’ out of scholarships, common entrance and transfer processes.

The guide can be viewed below, or downloaded here.


St Peters Final Frontier 2018 - online
Published On: February 2nd, 2018 / Categories: News, Upper School /