This is a key message we are busy instilling into your children, no matter their age.  Not about how to make glue…but how to have a go at anything!


Anything is possible this year. They could go any which direction. They can grow in whatever way they choose. 

We are busy empowering them. 

We are busy ‘routine-ing’ them. 

We were busy moulding and carving our days and weeks to have a ‘rhythm’ to them. 

These first few weeks in the education world are renowned for being some of the toughest. It takes a lot of hands and a lot of hard graft to get the training rolling again .  

Good news the St Peter’s train is rolling!


The teaching staff team here at St Peter’s commit:

To making your child think harder than they have ever thought before.

To talk more than they do at home(!). 

To try harder than they thought possible and to succeed more than they (or you) thought imaginable.


Confident? Yes I am. Looking around the Wessex Hall during INSET days, I am very confident that the staff team we have will deliver excellence throughout the next academic year. They always do.  Such talent in one small patch of Devon.


Here we go!!! Stay in touch parents – together we are unbeatable.


L. Ball

Deputy Head, Teaching & Learning

Published On: September 10th, 2021 / Categories: News /