Keeping the St Peter’s Spirit Going

As emotions could run high …

It’s been an emotional week here at St Peter’s.  Our staff have tired eyes and, as news stories flood, everyone’s attention towards rising numbers of cases of coronavirus across Britain and beyond; you can’t help but worry. 

I also see worry and stresses on our parent body, too. Everyone is trying so hard to do right and yet everyone is trying to grip onto normality with white knuckles.  We soldier on.  We continue to smile. 

The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan has never seemed so true! 

Teaching always involves a large amount of acting in front of the kids and the St Peter’s staff are all true scholars in the art of hamming it up. It’s in our skillset to enthuse and inspire, to be animated in our communications about all things and to engage and motivate kids about their own learning. (This is why all teachers have an annoying way of talking slowly and explaining things in the tiniest detail – we are boring really! We also all have over-exaggerated face gestures.) 

No matter what anxieties we have had, this week, whatever absences have occurred (which result in providing cover and additional duties), we have strived hard to not let our charges feel anything but happiness and enthusiasm.  You see, the children seem not to have noticed this week’s concerning headlines and the whirlwind of the world surrounding them…(this is a very good thing; well done parents for keeping the news turned off around your children). I could not be more proud of the staff body this week, with challenging moments behind the scenes at times, but the children’s view of the performance was simply Oscar winning. 

The children are joyous and hungry to learn.  They are sturdy and robust, finding innovative ways to use the site safely. They have much more Covid common sense than most of us adults!  At lunchtime, and staying strictly 3 meters apart, friends across age groups are beginning to make stronger connections.  This is a huge part of the St Peter’s community spirit, but a part that is still mothballed for now, kept safe for future. Community events stay online, BUT community still exists at the school, like rays of sunshine.

Year 1 used their time effectively in the early drop off tents. Linking their learning to transport, they used the chairs to start their morning off on a train ride somewhere magical!

There is innovation and leadership is blossoming everywhere. 

From students suggesting that a Year 6 newspaper edition was required, and Eco warriors and student councillors starting conversations in their tutor time, to a Year 7 tribe of cyclers. Their cycling skills have developed so much in such a short time, when arriving from home to school on two wheels. This can also be said for the pupil’s academics; it has been an intense learning period,  that is for sure.

Finally, we, as a staff team, are sorry to all you parents…we are sorry that you deliver your child to school like the first photo and we deliver them back to you like the second. (Kit will appear we promise!)


Well done all.

It’s the weekend now. Family time.


Lucy Ball 

Deputy Head Teaching and Learning.

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