St Peter’s Makes Charitable Donation

At the close of our Speech Day ceremony, St Peter’s made a generous donation to our school charity of the last academic year, Above Water. The charity seeks to improve water safety through education, and kindly sent their representative Mr Prince, to run water safety workshops for our pupils. 

During these sessions, Mr Prince highlighted their key message ‘float to live’, as well as explaining how to deal with cold shock, and how to identify dangerous currents of water. At one point, he used the entire audience of pupils to demonstrate how swimmers can get trapped within a riptide, and how to escape one. As these are common along the Devon coastline, this was a particularly vital lesson for our children.

After this year of collaboration, we invited charity trustee Mr Tisdall to attend our Speech Day ceremony at the end of the Summer term. Our now former Heads of School were delighted to present to him a cheque totalling £3,600; the results of our community’s fundraising efforts.


With the Autumn term fast approaching, we are now looking forward to working alongside our new school charity, The Royal Marines Charity. With our close proximity to Lympstone Commando, we have been fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of aid from their royal marines in recent years. Most notably, they generously lent our school large tents to allow for lessons to be safely held outside during the early stages of the pandemic. 




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