Teaching & Learning: Faculty In Focus: Humanities

We now introduce the Faculty of Humanities. An unsung hero of the curriculum.
A master of all that has been.
And a predictor of what may come.

The faculty is headed up by Mrs Hughes (pictured right) offering enthusiasm and exciting and innovative ideas. Her passionate belief in encouraging an active sense of curiosity about the world be developing motivated independent thinkers, shines throughout the faculty.

Madam Thomas, Mr Pritchard and Mrs Ball (pictured above) also make up the faculty team. Together they drive developments within the Geography, History and Religious elements of our curriculum.

Back in 2010, when we started the St Peter’s Baccalaureate® curriculum planning, we started with the faculty area of Humanities. We designed new exciting, EXPERIENTIAL topics, themes and learning skills, (as well as holding onto some firm favourites from our previous curriculum). We knew that if this faculty area could offer the key learning skills of curiosity, finding and presenting easily through innovative teaching and learning then all the other subjects within other faculties would follow.

Humanities has been the ‘domino factor’ for the St Peter’s School Baccalaureate® development. Seems giving teachers power over what they deliver and how they deliver it creates a curriculum with links to most other subject areas and many, many, many moments of awe and wonder … each one crafted carefully for the children to immerse themselves in their own learning.

Humanities Vision Statement

The Humanities Faculty incorporates Geography, History and Religious Studies. These subjects underpin the St Peter’s School Baccalaureate®, providing a range of skill and knowledge-driven education. Our pupils are challenged with a wealth of different experiences ranging from fieldwork, projects, assignments and presentations.

The St Peter’s School Baccalaureate® core skills of curiosity, finding and presenting, guide the children to enrich and extend their own learning. From an early age, your child will be encouraged to explore their roots, shared inheritances and the environment around them. Opportunities are provided for them to discuss their findings, thus fostering an independent approach and ownership of their individual learning experience.

From the outset of your child’s journey through St Peter’s Preparatory School, we aim to ignite and encourage a limitless love of learning about the world around them, including cultural similarities and differences. Pupils are actively challenged to use critical thinking skills, memorisation and mindfulness to demonstrate creative problem solving for the world they are experiencing.

INSET and Training

Mademoiselle Thomas, who is not in the Humanities faculty, but in the core academic faculty (MFL) offered the whole staff team a chance to try out an app called…”Plickers” which is an Interactive testing system.

I could see the eyes light up with new ideas about how this could work to check knowledge in a fun way. The key to the St Peter’s School Baccalaureate® is its constant review and reflection…..here is to future innovations…all ideas welcome!

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