I have had several questions raised about our pupils’ food and drink intake. It led me to think that parents might like to know more about about the nourishment and ‘refuelling’ of the children here at St Peter’s, 
so here we go…

A core basis (and often totally forgotten) part of the prep school model is the hours of preparation and teaching for independence. This is very carefully and very deliberately planned and built into all aspects of the children’s school day. This begins even with our youngest pupils and builds as the children are ready to take more and more responsibility for managing themselves.

Children must learn to manage all personal needs themselves if they are to grow to be truly successful in maintaining healthy lifestyles long after their time at St Peter’s. It is unique to find a school like ours that demands just as much pastorally from its pupils as it does academically and creatively. The children are truly incredible with what they achieve in this hugely busy and somewhat hidden side to our curriculum.

To aid the children in keeping up their energies, there are set meal and snack times throughout the day along with obvious food and water points around the school site. There are three water fountains around school; two outside Wessex Block and one within Stable. The main house has water points within the dining room (served with lunch) and with matron in sickbay. In all known places where water bottles can be refilled and drinks of water can be found, additional snacks can be requested by the children. These arrangements alter as the children grow in age.

Every pupil must drink water with their lunch and only water is served. The lunch must consist of a ‘Red’ a (protein), ‘green’ (a salad or a vegetable) and a Yellow (Carbohydrate). Foods are labelled in these colours to show pupils the combinations that they may choose from.

There is much choice on the hot counter and cold salad bar, meaning everyone finds something they like. Puddings are hearty and delicious. Popular additionals like bread, breadsticks, fruit, yoghurt, crackers and cheese are aplenty. Food intake is monitored by the staff who eat with the children every day. In addition we have a dedicated and committed catering team who know all of the pupils, watch their food intake with observations and concerns always passed on – the pastoral care certainly does not stop at the classroom door in this school. With a spiders web of different dietary needs and requirements catered for across over 300 meals a day, not to mention the HUGE catering requirements for matches, events, trips and visits – a huge nod of appreciation and astoundment goes to the Catering team, managed by the wonderful Tracy.

Let’s be honest; we all know that what you put in you get out.
Here at St Peter’s the air is clean and the food is goooooooood!!!


Here is a reminder of the St Peter’s School … ‘My health is in my hands’ charter.


Deputy Head Teaching and Learning.








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