6 Tips to Help Your Child Get Organised

Whether you’re working a full time job or still in education, being organised is an important skill for everyone. As children grow and start to gain more responsibilities, organisation skills become very important when trying to set priorities, make plans, stick to tasks, and get things completed. This skill can help children handle information in a logical and productive way.

Use these tips to help your child improve their organisational skills.

Set Daily Routines

A consistent step-by-step daily routine allows children to have a predictable day and helps them feel in control of their environment. In your child’s routine, set tasks at specific times.

For example if they have homework give them an hour or two before tea to get it completed. This will help your child to become more organised and feel less overwhelmed. 

Use time management strategies such as picture schedules, timers/clocks and daily planners to make improving your child’s organisation skills fun. 

Checklists and To-Do Lists

Lists are a great way to keep on top of everything and tie in brilliantly with daily routines. If your child is young, create a sticker chart to make it more engaging and motivating. 

Add all of the tasks your child needs to complete such as homework, the dishes or brushing their teeth and allow them to check off each accomplishment as they go. 

Break Tasks Down

Many people can get overwhelmed by tasks, whether it’s chores around the house or school projects. Encouraging children to think about tasks having a beginning, middle and end can make each task feel more approachable. 

For example, if one of your child’s chores is to clean the table after tea, explain to firstly clear the plates off the table and scrape any leftovers into the bin. Then wash the dishes or load them into the dishwasher. Then wipe down the table. Breaking up each task allows them to become more manageable for your child. 

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Create an Organised Work Space

Create a space in the house where your child can complete tasks such as homework. Take into consideration how your child works best. Will there be any distractions? Is it best to be somewhere near to you in case they need your assistance with anything? 

Having an organised work space allows you to get on with tasks straight away, makes you feel more comfortable and creates a positive mood, reducing stress. Be sure to keep stationery, calculators and laptops nearby in case they are needed for your child’s projects or chores. 

Pack and Unpack School Bags

Your child’s school bag is a key link to school and home life. There could be letters or homework in their bag that they have forgotten about, so it is important to set aside a time each week for them to clean it out and keep it organised. 

It can also be helpful for your child to help pack their bag for school; this will prepare them for the future when they gain more independence. By doing this, it allows them to know what they need to pack and after a while they should be able to pack it on their own. 

Think Ahead

Each night before bed, sit down with your little one and review the tasks they need to complete for the next day. This can help children feel prepared and secure. 

You can discuss together how to handle any changes if anything comes up and it is a great time for them to bring up anything they are struggling with whether it’s at home or part of their social life. 

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Staying Organised at St Peter’s

Here at St Peter’s Prep, an Independent primary school, we encourage our students to keep organised and ready to face whatever comes their way. Whether it’s with their school work, homework or boarding life, we ensure our pupils learn organisational skills through various strategies from a young age to encourage more independence and prepare them for the future. 

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