This week, Mrs Ball’s blog demonstrates how St Peter’s learning is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. 

Yes, some of us have hit the wall of tiredness throughout Weeks 4 and 5.  Never mind!  It happens! 

After all, we do ask for a lot of effort and commitment here at St Peter’s, and our staff and pupils never tend to do things by halves. I have never known anything that has stopped St Peter’s pupils’ unmistakable inquisitiveness, their endless gabble and never ending confidences, showing at such early ages.  I promise you the VERY sleepy faces in the morning have not continued into class; the pupils here are not stopped by a bit of tiredness! These are St Peter’s kids after all …

Some picture reflections of Week 5.





Nationally, it feels as if matters may be spiralling. Here, in our enchanting part of Devon, we stay calm, we enjoy our beautiful grounds, breathe deeply and put the next step forwards. 

Next step being?

Well, another batch of new timetables designed for after half term have now been shared with the staff team. R&P is back! Drama is back! Computing is back! More information will follow on our next chess move against this invisible virus. 

Stay safe everyone. 

Be calm. 

Let us know how we can support you. 

Let’s keep moving up, up and away.

                                                                                                             St Peter’s staff team: we are good to go!

Mrs Lucy Ball

Deputy Head, Teaching & Learning

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