What is a PTA & Why Should You Join One?

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As a private school in Devon, we understand that the relationships formed between parents and teachers play a pivotal role in maintaining and strengthening the school community.

PTA events and meetings ensure parents can stay involved and informed, building a communicative, safe environment for everyone.

What Is a PTA?

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. Volunteer organisations like this are usually composed of parents, class reps, teachers and other school staff who come together for regular meetings to discuss the school year and upcoming events.

PTAs bridge the gap between parents, teachers and pupils, helping to build productive relationships and further ensure the school is a place where pupils can thrive.

PTAs are now established in most schools and parents enjoy working closely with teachers, creating bonds with other parents, fundraising for events, working with the local community and learning more about the curriculum.

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What Do PTAs Do?

These groups may aim to accomplish a range of things, all usually geared at making the school a better place to learn.

Members of a PTA are likely to work together to raise money with a variety of creative events throughout the school year, encouraging the whole community to get involved.

PTA Events at St Peter’s Prep

In previous years, the St Peter’s Prep PTA has organised a fundraising ball, an informal summer party with a hog roast and dancing, along with Christmas fairs and Easter egg hunts.

Our PTA also organises second-hand uniform sales throughout the school year, allowing parents to sell on out-grown uniforms and pick up pre-loved items for a discounted price.

St Peter's Prep Uniform

Does Every School Have A PTA?

Not every school will have a PTA. However, if you are interested in establishing one, it is worth speaking with other parents to gauge their interest alongside members of staff. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the main objective of the PTA, whether it’s fundraising, supporting the community, having more involvement with the school or other specific aims.

As discussed above, St Peter’s has a very involved PTA.

Why Should You Join a PTA?

Being a part of your child’s school PTA has several benefits:

  • Scheduled meetings allow parents to keep up to date with upcoming academic events and socials.
  • It creates stronger relationships with staff members, where they can easily communicate expectations and standards of learning.
  • It allows parents to establish relationships and network with other parents.
  • Parents can support the school in creating the best environment possible for their child and other pupils, helping make a real difference.
  • PTA members can learn new skills, from fundraising and problem-solving to communication and creativity.

As a member of the PTA, you’ll be able to see measurable results and appreciate the impact of all your efforts!

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Why are PTAs Important?

PTAs give parents more of a voice and get them feeling involved. Parents can provide the school community with a fresh perspective and highlight any concerns in a supportive environment.

The organisations are also instrumental in providing additional opportunities for pupils by strengthening the overall school experience.

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How Much Time Will The PTA Take Up?

Most parent-teacher associations may arrange half-termly meetings. However, some schools will have more or fewer meetings.

Ultimately, any time that you can give as a parent, whether it’s in a meeting, helping behind the scenes or attending PTA-hosted events, will always be greatly appreciated.

At St Peter’s Prep, we are always working towards creating the best relationships between our staff, pupils and parents. So, if it’s a more active role you are looking for, or you’re just keen to find out more about what the Parent Teacher Association has to offer, please get in touch.

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