Why Book a School Visit to St Peter’s Prep?

There are numerous benefits to visiting a prospective school as a parent or carer. Not only does it offer an opportunity to go on a tour of the school, but it also provides an opportunity to talk to teachers and pupils about their experiences. For many parents, this can help when choosing the most suitable school for their child and give a sense of support.

Here at St Peter’s Prep, we encourage all parents who are considering their child’s private education to visit our outstanding private school in Devon. Below, we explain the advantages of school visits and offer information on what to expect from one of our own.

Our Socially Distanced Tours

Here at St Peter’s Prep, we usually offer two forms of open days. However, due to COVID-19, we remain under the operation of government guidelines to ensure we create a safe environment for pupils, teachers and visitors.

Therefore, our open days and school in action mornings have been put on hold during this time. Alternatively, we offer a socially-distanced personal tour of our grounds.

Below, we explain what our tour entails in further detail. If you are interested in a socially-distanced personal tour, please contact us and we can provide you with further information.

A football ball on grass

Explore the Grounds

Situated in the stunning location of Lympstone, South Devon, our school is inundated with beautiful surroundings, including inspiring views over the Exe Estuary. Our school grounds cover 28 acres of glorious countryside, meaning that we have a generous amount of both space and facilities for an abundance of educational activities in charming settings.

Within only a half-an-hour journey from Exeter, our school is exceptionally accessible.

What We Offer

During a school visit with us, you will be offered a tour. You can see first-hand our incredible facilities, such as our sports grounds including our:

• Swimming pool.
• Astro for tennis, netball and hockey.
• Four rugby pitches.
• Two cricket pitches.

Our tour will take you past our arts and performance spaces, too, as well as our classrooms.

You will also be able to see our fantastic playtime facilities, including our two adventure playgrounds. We also have a stunning woodland, a pond and a forest school which our pupils visit in school time when supervised by an adult.

See Our Outstanding Teaching

During our tour, you will no doubt feel immersed in the welcoming and homely atmosphere provided by our dedicated staff. As you walk through the school, you will most likely see the daily interactions of teachers and pupils and see how our lessons operate. Our traditional yet progressive way of teaching allows children to achieve incredible levels of academia while feeling safe and secure in the comfort of our supportive education style.

You may notice that our classes are small in size to ensure that our children benefit from individual attention and tuition from their teachers. From this, our pupils go on to achieve exceptional results and overcome challenges.

Meet Our Head Teacher

A key part of our school visits is the chance to meet with our Head, Mrs Charlotte Johnston. Our Head is devoted to answering any questions you have with regards to the educational opportunities at St Peter’s Prep, as well as any additional parental anxieties you may have.

Mrs Charlotte Johnston, Head

Learn About Our Extra Curriculum Opportunities

As well as providing our students with an abundance of educational opportunities, we also pride ourselves on the number of extra curriculum activities available to our students.

Due to our marvellous location, which is only 10 minutes from the beach and a short distance from Dartmoor, there is much to offer at St Peter’s Prep regardless of the year group.

Friday Afternoon Activities

Our Friday afternoon activities allow our students to try new hobbies. To name just a small section that is on offer, our students can try anything from sailing to martial arts, photography to needlework. There are many things to try at St Peter’s Prep.

School Trips

We also provide a vast array of school trips for all our age groups throughout the year, with many included in the school fees without an additional charge.

Discover our Boarding Opportunities

One of the main advantages of our school is the boarding options available to our students. Not only do we provide wraparound care between 08:00 and 18:00, which is ideal for working parents, we also offer boarding opportunities, including Flexi-boarding and weekly boarding for those in Year 3 and above.

If you would like more information about boarding, why not take a look at the benefits of boarding at St Peter’s Prep here.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you can make as a parent or carer. If you would like to discuss our school visits in more detail, we would love to help you. Please telephone our Director of Admissions & Marketing, Ms Rachel Elliott, on 01395 280335, for a chat and to book a tour. Alternatively, you can email rachel.elliott@stpetersprepschool.co.uk.

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