Why is School Uniform Important?

Whatever the cut or colour, getting kitted out in a school uniform is a rite of passage for any young student. As a boarding school in Devon, we take great pride in our pupils and enforce a smart dress code that reflects just that. 

School uniform is the norm for most schools in the UK, but the debate around its merits (whether initiated by the media or school pupils themselves) seems to resurface every few years. 

There are many advantages to embracing school uniform for both primary and secondary school children. Here’s why we uphold the uniform standards that we do here at St Peter’s Prep. 

The Benefits of Uniforms in Schools

Love it or loathe it, there’s a reason our youngsters are expected to follow certain rules for attire and go to school in smart dress every day. You probably still remember your own school uniform, making it a central feature of your school memories and formative years! 

  • A sense of belonging
  • Ensuring equality
  • Presenting the school in a good light
  • Improving behaviour at school
  • Ease for parents

1. Promoting Your Child’s Sense of Belonging Within School

One of the primary benefits of upholding a specific school uniform for all children is the sense of community and belonging it can help foster. 

Wearing the same colour and logo as their peers puts children in the same boat as clear members of the student body. This can help them bond on a basic level, ensuring they can find common ground and embrace a sense of school spirit and unity. 

This, of course, is doubly true for sports and P.E. uniforms when students are competing against other schools. 

st peters prep school uniform

2. Ensuring Equality in School

Going hand in hand with this element of unity is the equalising effect school uniforms can have: they are a helpful tool in highlighting equality.

There are no trends to follow nor is there pressure to be ‘fashionable’ if everyone is wearing the same thing. Having a set uniform to wear every day can reduce any anxieties about having to look a certain way to fit in. 

3. Presenting the School in a Good Light

Pupils that are turned out well bolster the reputation of the school, showing the general public that the student body and school administration value respect and individual responsibility. 

Teachers must continue to ensure uniform is correctly worn, particularly throughout the school day and at different events so pupils appreciate the importance and benefits of representing their school well.

can boarding schools encourage independence

4. Setting Boundaries & Improving Behaviour at School

Wearing markedly different clothes at school from those worn during free time clearly delineates the two different environments. A smart but comfortable uniform indicates that it’s time to concentrate and learn. 

Essentially, it helps put children in the right headspace for school. When they are wearing school clothing, they know there are certain expectations in place. A 2017 study conducted by Trutex concluded that 9 in 10 teachers believe wearing a uniform positively impacts pupils’ classroom behaviour. 

Many older students also choose to do their homework while still dressed in uniform, even if they aren’t on school premises, as it keeps them in ‘school mode’, allowing them to keep on task more effectively before relaxing for the evening.

pupils in st peters prep uniform doing schoolwork

5. An Easier Option for Parents

Another advantage of school uniforms is that it is often more convenient for parents. You don’t have to worry about what your child is going to wear every day, wondering if it is appropriate enough or ensuring they have enough to wear each week. 

All you have to do is purchase a uniform at the beginning of the year and think about it again when your child hits a growth spurt! 

School uniform is made to be durable and withstand the wear and tear of your children’s daily activities. A well-made uniform will reduce the need to keep buying additional items. Second-hand school uniforms are becoming more common as a way for parents to cut down costs and help reduce waste, aligning with increasing desire for sustainability. 

Uniform at St Peter’s Prep School

All of our students wear a uniform in our signature green, blue and gold colours. For the specifics for each age group, see our St Peter’s Prep uniform lists.

Here you will also see any upcoming dates for our PTA second-hand school uniform sales. 

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