9 Kid-Friendly BBQ Food Ideas

Nothing says summer quite like the gentle sizzle of the barbecue in the garden.

As a prep school in Devon, we know children can be fussy about their food, especially if you’re trying to introduce them to something new. That’s why we’ve made this list of great BBQ nibbles that are simple to make, and the kids will love.

Child-Friendly Skewers

Kids just love to get their hands dirty; especially when it comes to food.

If you’re looking to save yourself from washing up and want some great finger food for the kids, then these skewers are the perfect choice for your next BBQ.

Salmon Skewer Tacos

Fish can be a particularly tricky food to get your kids to eat, but since it’s chock full of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to your kids’ health, it’s well worth trying!

Why not try out these salmon skewer tacos? We reckon they’re bound to be a hit, even with the kids!

Just cut the salmon into bite-size chunks, season to whatever taste you choose (lime and chilli are particularly good), and then stack it up on a skewer. Grill them on the BBQ until the salmon is cooked thoroughly and then wrap in a taco with some lettuce, salsa and avocado for a fantastic healthy meal!

Chicken Skewers

The possibilities are endless!

Not only do you have a whole host of pairings like chorizo or sweetcorn to play around with, but you can even mix it up with marinades and sauces!

Cut your chicken into bite-size chunks (some shops will even sell it already diced!) Stab the skewers through the meat and continue doing so with your extra ingredients until you’ve got a full skewer. Then pop it on the grill and turn it until the chicken is cooked all the way through!

Rainbow Vegetable Skewers

If you’re not a meat-eater or you just want a fun new way to convince your kids to eat their greens, skewers are a great way to go!

The principle is the same as the previous options of layering your ingredients onto the skewer before grilling them on your barbecue.

Try ordering your coloured veggies in that of the rainbow for a marvellous colour combination that the kids will love!


Skewers on a BBQ

Kids BBQ Classics

If making an entirely separate meal for the kids seems like a daunting task, just stick to the basics. Here are some BBQ classics that the kids will love as much as the rest of the family.


Little burgers for little hands.

Sliders are an excellent option for children when it comes to BBQ food because it gives them a chance to eat the same as the grown ups without overindulging.

Just grill the smaller patties on the BBQ as you would a full-sized burger and serve it on a slider bun with fresh lettuce, tomato and a sauce of your choosing.


Sometimes it’s good to stick to what you know.

Pizza is a versatile dish that makes a perfect addition to any BBQ lineup. Why not take a few hours out of the day to help the kids make their pizzas with toppings of their choosing?

Pasta Salad

You can never go wrong with a pasta salad!

A great option is to serve a Mac & Cheese pasta that the kids will go mad for. This dish is simple, easy and has so many possibilities that you’re spoilt for choice. You can even sneak some veggies in because everything tastes better when it’s covered in cheese.


A plate with sliders on a wooden table

Kids BBQ Desserts

It wouldn’t be a summer night without a little sweet treat to round it off.

From fruit snacks to smores, we’ve got some great ideas for BBQ sweet treats that are sure to be a win with the kids this summer.


Classic campfire food. Summer wouldn’t be summer without the sweet scent of melted marshmallows.

For some added fun, fill a bowl with chocolate, a bowl with crackers or biscuits, and a bowl with marshmallows and let the kids build their own! Just make sure you don’t let them too close to the fire.

You can even add fruit or peanut butter for some extra flavour sensations.

Smoothie Pops

Smoothie pops are a perfect, cool treat that’ll be a hit all summer long! All you need is an ice lolly mould and some fruit.

Blend your fruit with milk or fruit juice of your choice, and then pour them into your moulds. Pop them in the freezer for a few hours and voila; the perfect healthy treat.

Grilled Fruit

Make the most of your BBQ and try grilling some fruit this summer. Grilled fruit makes for a naturally sweet dessert without any additives that your kids are bound to enjoy.

Plus, there’s no limit to what fruits you can use. Peaches and apricots become jammy, soft, caramelized, and even buttery when grilled and perfect with ice cream! Just make sure they’re solid and not overly ripe.

Or slice a banana in half and grill it a little on both sides before serving with chocolate sauce!


Smoothie ice lollies

We hope you use some of these ideas to have some great summer nights! After all, it won’t be long until they’re back to school again.

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