Easy Art Projects For Children to Do at Home

For youngsters, art has numerous advantages: it promotes self-expression, improves motor skills, develops patience and problem-solving skills and enhances concentration. When a child does a creative activity on their own, it can also boost their self-esteem. And, – most importantly – it’s a lot of fun!

These easy-to-handle crafty activities will keep kids occupied whilst also encouraging their creativity.  When it comes to materials, you’re likely to have most of them on hand already!

Nature Collage

Print out an image with empty space that you can work on. Examples include things like a full-body photo of your child or maybe a family pet.

These images can be printed as big or as small as you want; but remember that you will be using things from nature to build on these images so they may need to be on the bigger side! 

Then, go outside and collect ‘natural art resources’ from the environment; such as leaves, twigs, flowers and bark. 

When you get home, attach the items on or around your chosen image to make a unique collage to display!

Children painting at an easel

Salt Watercolour

Who knew such lovely paper could be so simple to make? 

Simply paint the paper with watercolour paint and immediately sprinkle coarse salt on top. The salt works as a kind of barrier. 

The area where the salt comes into contact with the paper will have a lighter tint and the salt will push the watercolour pigment away, resulting in a deeper hue surrounding the lighter area. 

All of this happens in a matter of minutes, appearing before your very eyes! Remove any extra salt when the paper has dried, and appreciate your lovely, ethereal pattern. 

The paper can be used to wrap gifts or to make organisational containers, or perhaps it could even become a beautiful decoration for your child’s bedroom wall.

Children preparing food

Bell Pepper Prints 

This kid-friendly painting and craft project uses a common food essential: a bell pepper! 

For this craft, start by removing the pepper’s bottom half. Dip the upper portion of the piece in acrylic paint and press it onto your desired surface. 

Cushions, T-shirts, tote bags, placemats and whatever else your heart desires can be decorated for this project. 

The end result is a sweet flower pattern that you can proudly display in your home! Don’t forget to let your project dry for at least 24 hours.

A child in a garden

Stone Succulents

You won’t have to water these succulents at all! 

Collect rocks outside, then paint them to look like cactuses using acrylic paint. Attach a couple of your painted boulders together with glue for larger cactuses. 

Fill a tiny pot halfway with sand, then arrange your DIY artificial succulents on top.

Painted Salad Servers

This fun art project for youngsters also makes a great homemade present! 

Purchase some wood or bamboo salad servers and lightly sand the handles before rinsing them. Use masking tape to separate the bottom area of the servers. 

Decorate them using acrylic paint in any pattern; you could dip a finger in paint and put dots on the handles, for example. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the tape and sealing the handles with a nontoxic sealer.

Children picking flowers

Pressed Flowers

Did you know that pressing flowers at home is simple? A thick book, a heavy object, scissors, and paper are all that you’ll need.

Collect flowers with your child the next time you go on a walk. This art exercise works well with those that have a somewhat flat surface, such as pansies and violets. 

To safeguard your hefty book at home, open it to a middle page and cover the pages with white paper. Trim the stem off the flower, then place it in the book and carefully close it. 

Stack your heavy objects on top of the book (such as bricks). Remove the delicate blooms after a week and then use them however you like!

We hope that you will enjoy doing these art projects at home with your children!

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