Teaching & Learning: Our Learning Environment

The learning environment is essential to set the scene for everything else that follows. We have 28 acres of beautiful grounds as our backdrop and some stunning rooms and views which allows the learning to flow. Teachers take great pride in their learning spaces and unseen consideration and effort is put into everything on display. However the learning environment encompasses much, much more.

Several education research projects have recognised that promoting a positive classroom environment requires careful attention to:
(1) enhancing the quality of life in the classroom for pupils and staff,
(2) pursuing a curriculum that promotes not only academic, but also social, and emotional learning,
(3) enabling teachers to be effective with a wide range of pupils – all unique and different.
(4) fostering intrinsic motivation for classroom learning and teaching.

St Peter’s aims for all of the above, our Baccalaureate curriculum and Teaching and Learning allows us to achieve this.

In a text called: Classroom Climate, Adelman, H. S. & Taylor, advocate:
• a welcoming, caring, and hopeful atmosphere;
• social support mechanisms for pupils and staff,
• an array of options for pursuing goals;
• meaningful participation by pupils and staff in decision making;
• transforming a big classroom into a set of smaller units that maximize intrinsic
motivation for learning and are not based just on ability or behaviour groupings,
• providing instruction and responding to problems in a personalised way;
• use of a variety of strategies for preventing and addressing problems as soon
as they arise;
• a healthy and attractive physical environment that is conducive to teaching
and learning.

Below; a small selection of photos of other learning spaces from around the school. Please look for the examples of enabling, self learning tasks, child centred displays, interactive table tops promoting independence and special community zones.

Talking of ‘healthy and attractive physical environments’ … LOOK!

Following the mirrors going up and the final clean through complete, someone was testing out how much room the children will now have to move about in the Performing Arts Room. (It was either that, or a Headteacher flash mob of X1)!

Click here for the song Mrs Johnston was singing!!!

And so, here’s to another rejuvenated positive learning environment in which all our children can aim high and achieve. Choirs, Music, Dance, Drama, performances, debates, lectures and (I am sure) some posing and parading will be iminent – we think the Performing Arts Room will be a space where the St Peter’s magic can be comfortably created and shown off.


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