Teaching & Learning: Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers add the enrichment we seek to support our innovative curriculum

Since 2015 (when our ‘visiting speaker’ records began) St Peter’s Preparatory School has had well over 120 people give up their time to come and work with the pupils.

This has included everyone from local farmers, craftsmen, artists, historians, nature experts, exercise experts, dentists, doctors, dads who own things like kayaks and bees, to mums who can speak many foreign languages or can be mindful with yoga. We have welcomed the fire department, lifeboat men, police officers, Independent Listeners and the NSPCC. Speeches from Reverends, Priests, Vicars and a Native American preacher have given us reflection time. And it is not just humans that have entered into our world and improved it – we have seen every type of pet that can possibly exist and some other more exotic animals for the children to study and learn about.

Our visitors have dealt with serious issues such as cyber-bullying and looking after our mental health, through to some more light-hearted items like circus skills, storytellers and authors who have simply had us in stitches.

We have too many people to thank for the children’s additional, extra, enriching experiences since 2015 (and for years prior). To all those who have visited, presented or contributed to the St Peter’s Teaching and Learning – thank you. It has made the difference.

This week is a prime example of our wide and varied visitors and volunteers. We have a parent presenting learning about their time spent climbing Mount Everest (Y2), an introduction on ‘Fodmap’ session from a family who are experts on the matter (Y4), a visit from Matt Jess of MJS Coaching on all things movement and technique. A drone video enthusiast whose footage will excite the Geographers amongst us – a great resource for future lessons.

As well as several Heads of other schools visiting St Peter’s and meeting with pupils – potentially their students of tomorrow?

Oh, and a load of Science Teachers from other settings who have so kindly given up their time (we are sure they can ill afford at this time of year) to spend time judging the brilliant Year 6 Science fair. They will all teach without knowing it … and the best thing is, the children will just learn without knowing it too.

So, the next time you see something in the calendar that grabs your eye or you think “I could add to that…” – email us, phone us, see us, chat it through with us and don’t be shy – come and see what the children get out of these experiences with your own eyes.


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