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I spotted this magnificent few on the left when I was walking up from the main house towards the central zone during morning play. Then as I approached the Wessex Hall a few more had caught on to the fact that I had my camera at the ready.

What are these Y8 pupils thinking, I wonder?
I think it is something along the lines of …

As our Year 8’s approach the last few weeks of being a St Peter’s pupil I have been chatting to them informally about their last days at the school.

Are they looking forward to their next schools?
How they might feel once they have left St Peter’s?
What are they most looking forward to?
What will they miss?
What can’t they wait to get rid of?
What will they be relieved never to do or hear or say again that is related to our school?!
Will you come back and visit us all?
Will you remember your time here fondly?
With one group of Year 8’s I asked if they wanted to hear some of my best ‘past Year 8’s in trouble’ stories – I have many of these – each one as amusing as the next!

I have also talked about them all embracing their Leavers programme with both hands and making sure they recognise this, their final curtain call. Throw caution to the wind, embrace everything and soak in the good times.

So my advice to the St Peter’s pupils that I have now known for the longest amount of time (10 years for some pupils) is simple…
‘Believe it. Achieve it’.
This message has worked out for you so far.

You have been a fascinating year group to work with throughout your time here. There have been moments of hilarity with you all, some moments of calm, moments of madness, some light, some dark. Much hard work. Much extra mile effort. Untold potential. Buckets of talent. All in all lots of success and of course some failures that you have recovered from and you leave us at the end of this year better for all of your endeavours.

Mrs Ball stuck record message: What you put in you get out.

And finally; no matter how much you, now teenagers, may grunt at us, or mumble behind our backs, think on… we staff will continue to guide you through to your last days on roll in the St Peter’s way – with your best interests at the heart of every decision.
(Oh and we are still here beyond this year if you ever need us).

To all of the Year 8 2019 Leavers – have a ball during your leavers programme, represent yourselves and your families well and speech day will come and go in a blink of an eye. Much to celebrate.

Mrs Lucy Ball

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