Lent 2021 – Week 3

Another week of ‘home schooling’ complete. Congratulations to ALL. I think that, actually, the term ‘home schooling’ is incorrect. Home schooling is a choice that
parents make to take their child out of school and educate them themselves at home. They are part of many home schooling groups and take their children to
museums, theatre, workshops. What you are doing, parents, is not by choice in any way. Nobody here is choosing to home school. What you, and we, are doing is
making the best of a terrible and difficult situation. What you are doing is keeping your children and your families safe during a global pandemic. Support for everyone in our community, lonely, fed up children, exhausted parents and challenged staff, is the name of the game. We very much get and understand this and the Management Team are starting our ‘welfare’ telephone calls to families this week. Reaching out to those who we know are particularly struggling or have, for example, a number of children in different year groups. We want you to know that we are here to support you and, hopefully, even just a chat and some reassurance should help. It has been fun to say ‘hello’ to you in the background when I have popped into form tutor slots this week.

I am sure many of you watched Joe Biden become the new President of America. I was blown away by the wonderful Amanda Gorman, poet laureate, and her incredible poem ‘The Hill We Climb’. The words are here for those who have a moment.

Thank you to all who completed the Parent Survey. It is incredibly helpful for us to have your views on how it is all working for your child ‘on the ground’. We are working on making some tweaks over the next week, including brain breaks between lessons, some more live sport for the Upper School, in particular, and the
launch of our new ‘Reading Laureate’ scheme from our new Librarian, Miss Hodder-Williams. We are tidying up Google Classrooms so that the Meet link will be one displayed in the top bar and returning to ‘live’ assemblies. I have so missed this (Google has, unfortunately, set limits on numbers). We will move to
Pre-prep, Lower School and Upper School live Assemblies on a Friday. More information on this to follow.

Our story times are now all recorded and you can access these to watch again on the Library Classroom ‘Classwork’ tab at the top. Stories have been recorded for Nursery to Lower School, at the moment. We are launching a driveby pick-up of individual reading books for Pre-prep children to take place once a
week. Mrs Ball is manning this and has more details further on in the newsletter. We are delighted to be able to offer this, so that they children can keep up with their reading.

Some really exciting new activities this week, with Street Dance tutorials from Miss Tibbott, a ‘Lip Sync’ House challenge from Mr Budgett, which the Upper School will love (and the staff), and the re-introduction of the Head’s Challenge, as well as some cookery tutorials (videos to come next week). We are trying to keep it fresh and exciting for the children.

Mrs Johnston’s HEAD’S CHALLENGE continues this week following some super cool roller coasters last week. I’ve commented on them all if your child wants to see. Pictured right is Josie-May’s, from Reception; well done!  This week: Build a model of a ROOM in your house using Lego or any other materials you like. If you would like to draw a picture that is fine too. Further details on the Activity programmes.

Have a lovely weekend with your families.

Mrs Charlotte Johnston

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