A Children’s Activity Guide for Summer

Summer holidays are the time for making memories, trying new things and having fun while on a much-deserved break from school work. However, with less structure and routine during the holiday, kids can sometimes find themselves feeling bored if no activities have been scheduled in for the day. While kids would love to be continually visiting zoos and water parks over the summer, this simply isn’t going to be possible for most families. Luckily, there are many fun activities that children would love to do over the summer that can be done for free or cheaply at home. We share our children’s activity guide for the summer.

 Playing Outside

On days spent at home during the summer holidays, it’s always tempting to just sit indoors watching movies or playing games. However, keeping the kids cooped up all day is only going to lead to rowdy behaviour and boredom. Getting out and about in the sunshine is also very beneficial for both mental and physical health, so head for the garden or a local park to play. The outdoor world leaves nature as your playground, and the opportunities for activities are almost endless. Children will love the chance to run around and play as they want or introduce some structured play and take part in a game. Outdoor games can be as simple as tag or hide-and-seek, or if you have the equipment, a sporting game like catch, frisbee or football.

A pot of crayons with a child drawing

Summer Crafts

Crafts are one of those ideal summer holiday activities. It is likely that you already have some arts and crafts supplies around the home and, if not, then why not try repurposing recycling into something artistic! Crafts are the perfect activity, whatever the weather, as you can set up a craft table indoors, or do some painting on the patio when it’s sunny. Ask your child what craft they  enjoy most, giving them a choice between colouring, painting, scrapbooking or collage, for example. 

Planting a Garden

Outdoor activities don’t always have to be adrenaline-fuelled; there are plenty of calming things that can be done too. One such idea is to plant a garden – this can be a designated area of your garden, or simply purchase a planter that your little ones can use. Kids can learn skills such as digging, raking, watering, weeding and planting, making for a fun, yet educational activity. There are plenty of shops that now sell affordable plants or seeds, so get the kids to pick what they want to grow so they can be even more enthusiastic about their garden.


A child writing and colouring at a table

Keep a Journal

While the summer holidays should be a break from school, it can still be a good idea to get your kids practising and maintaining the skills they have learnt in fun ways. Keeping a journal of what they are doing over the summer holidays is a great way to enhance literacy skills, without your child necessarily feeling like they’re doing work! Plus, when your child gets back to school, they will have something to show and tell when asked what they did during their summer break!

 Play Games

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned board game on rainy holiday days. The good thing about games is that they can occupy the kids for hours, and there are ones available for all ages and group-sizes. When your child needs to entertain themselves, set them up with a brain teaser, puzzle or card game, and get out the likes of Chess, Cluedo and Monopoly when there are more people around to play.

A girl sat outside with a book reading on the floor

Summer Reading

Summer is the time for reading for enjoyment, so get your children to pick the books they would love to read. Sometimes, school reading assignments can put children off reading for fun, but the summer gives you a chance to put the joy into books, and for good reading habits to be encouraged. Many local libraries offer a summer reading club or scheme to help get kids more into reading for fun, plus this will allow you to access a wide range of books for free. During car journeys or quiet playtimes, you can also turn to audiobooks, keeping kids engaged with literature when they are unable to read a book physically.
A Children’s Activity Guide for Summer

Whatever you plan to do this summer, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday that leaves you refreshed and ready to start a new year at our independent pre school in Devon! What summer activities are you looking forward to doing during your holiday?




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