South Devon Events this Summer Holiday

Summer is here! Which means so are the school holidays. This is a time to cherish with our children, but it also offers everyone the chance to try new things. There are plenty of events happening around South Devon to keep the children entertained, and for the family to have loads of fun!

From nature trails and storytelling, to canoeing and festivals, there is something that is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Animal Tracks Summer Trail at Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge is a gorgeous place with ancient woodlands and a magical waterfall, that is protected by National Trust. The waterfall, named Whitelady, is 30 metres high, making it the highest waterfall in the south-west of England, and the woodlands are a fantastic place for the family to explore. There is a part in the river that bubbles called the Devils Cauldron, which gives the whole area a bewitched feeling. Plenty of routes can be chosen from, all of which have varied suitability’s for people of different fitness levels. So, be sure to check which trail you would like to go on before-hand. The gorge is home to an abundance of wildlife, which means it is great fun to introduce your own ‘wildlife tracks’ spotting game. See how many animal tracks you can see on your trip to the gorge with each other!

Animal tracks on the sand

Greenway House

Greenway House is another property cared for by the National Trust. It’s a striking house with gardens, steeped in amazing literature history. It was once the beloved holiday home of the famous Agatha Christie. It was used as a retreat for her family and friends after her latest book was complete, and it is no shock why. The gardens make for an enchanting explore too, and there is no shortage of space. There is a top garden, a walled garden and a boathouse to enjoy.

Encourage children to explore with a self-lead tour, to spot the story points that are hidden around. Or, even better, encourage them to create their own story!

A garden of flowers

Wild Wednesday at Coleton Fishacre

For only two pounds per child, children can participate in ‘Wild Wednesdays’. This is where members of the Coleton Fishacre ranger team lead ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities in the garden. These activities include building your own den, make wild art, rolling down a really big hill and foraging for wild food! This is a really fun thing for children to be a part of. It gets them exploring, out in the fresh air learning, and gives them the opportunity to make friends too!


girl and boy building a den out of sticks

 Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary

The aim of the Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary is “To be a proactive contributor to the preservation of the wildlife of the planet, with particular focus on otters and butterflies”. This makes Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary an educational and special visit for families in the holidays. Immerse yourself in the tropical habitat amongst the exotic plants and butterflies and take a trip around the park to see the otters doing their thing. There are many keepers around the park to answer your questions and explain all about the lives of these beautiful animals.

A cluster of flying butterflies

Here at St Peters Prep, private school, Devon, we think relaxing and having fun is a very important part of children’s lives. We hope you are all enjoying the holidays!


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