Back to School Tips for Parents

Going back to school can be both an exciting and nerve-racking time for students. The length of time away from the classroom and lack of routine can often leave children feeling ill-prepared for class.

The summer holidays mark a fresh school term, and each child will be heading into a new year, likely with new teachers and the anticipation of a higher level of work. To best prepare your child and get them thinking about the school term ahead, we’ve got some tips which will encourage them to put the right foot forward and embrace going back.

Adjust Sleep Patterns and Reestablish a Routine

For many children, the early mornings following a few weeks of lie-ins and relaxed mornings can be a shock to the system. To make this transition a little less of a struggle, and to ensure they’re bright and ready to learn when lessons start, we would advise adjusting their sleeping pattern at least two weeks before the first day of school. This time will allow them to adjust to waking up and going to bed earlier than they may have become used to.

Two school children at a preparatory school in Devon

Refresh Knowledge

The school holidays are filled with fun-filled activities, family holidays, trips to museums, swimming pools and adventure parks. All of this action, although highly beneficial for your child’s development, doesn’t always have an academic focus. To switch their thinking back into school-mode, refresh their memories by reviewing work from the previous term, reading, and possibly setting them tasks which will get their brains back into gear.

Two school children at a preparatory school in Devon

Reduce Screentime

If screentime has been increased during the holidays, prepare your child for the likely reduction when they return to school. With homework and afterschool activities taking priority, making them aware of the upcoming reduction will (hopefully) avoid too many disagreements!

Discuss What to Expect

For some children, the summer holidays can feel like they last an eternity, and it can be difficult for them to recall what to expect. Or, if your child is new to the school, they may not have the experience to know. Regularly talking to them about school, and what they’re likely to get up to, will encourage them to think about being there, and the tasks that they will complete.

Highlight the Positive Aspects of Going Back to School

Returning to school can be daunting. To try and reduce any anxieties surrounding it, it is beneficial to highlight the positive aspects. Playing games, seeing their favourite teachers, catching up with friends and generally enjoying themselves should all be areas which you can discuss together to help them to look forward to the return.

A young boy at school.

Check School Essentials

Together with your child, check their school essentials, and give yourselves time ahead of the start of the term to get anything that they may need. Ensure their pencil cases have everything they may require, that their backpack is still in good condition, you know where their lunch box is and that their school uniform still fits.

Revamp or Tidy Homework Space

The start of the school term also marks the return of homework! Whether your child loves it or would rather not have to do it – it’s a good idea to prepare them by discussing the likelihood of them having to complete it again soon. Dedicating a homework area within your home, and together, either revamping or tidying this workspace, can be a fantastic way to make the prospect more exciting.

School children in a playground

Extracurricular Activities

Will your child be taking part in the same extracurricular activities as they did the previous year? Or are they interested in trying something new? Have a chat with them about anything they may like to try or would like to continue.

We hope that you’re all having a fantastic summer holiday and are enjoying the extra time as a family! We’re looking forward to welcoming all of the existing and new students at our private school, Devon in the new term.

If you have any questions before the return, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01395 272148 or email us at

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