Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

Often, people believe creativity is something an individual is born with; it’s not something that can be taught or practised and that it is nature, not nurture that enables a child to be imaginative, as well as have the ability to demonstrate those visions creatively. But, here at St Peter’s Prep, we understand that creatively is a skill, which can be encouraged and developed and, when this skill is learnt, it can provide your child with a creative outlet, one that offers reflection and expression.


Creativity comes in many forms, from drawing and painting, writing and reading, dancing and acting to arts and crafts and imaginative play. The many outlets for creativity means there is something to suit all passions and interests, giving those who partake, the opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their understanding or vision to others.


Children are often assumed to have much more creativity than their older peers or adults, and this is often due to young children having fewer inhibitions. They are less likely to feel judged by others or limit their expression due to embarrassment.


There are several ways that parents can promote creativity in their child, some of which we will discuss below:


Offer a Creative Environment

Ensuring your child feels relaxed and comfortable in their environment can hugely contribute to whether or not they feel they can creatively express themselves. Allowing them to think and demonstrate, without judgement and with encouragement, creates an environment in which they can explore their ideas and nurture their creativity.


Unstructured Time

Frequently creativity comes to both children and adults when they are allowed time alone. When a person, young or old is solitary, often somewhere quiet, creativity is sparked. This is why structured classes or workshops can often be limiting, as they are enforced at a set time and usually come with a best practice way of completing tasks. By liberating schedules and allowing a couple of hours a day without structure, this time can offer the chance to develop a creative mind. It will enable children time to tinker, play and create, without any time constrictions or the pressure of chores.



Some of the greatest ideas and creations come when people work together, as each person brings an alternative point of view or vision to the group or pair. Conflicts of interests and ideas often promote creativity, a fusion of ideas emerge, with a consideration of different viewpoints. A collaboration of ideas can enable the creation of something unique. Working with others, where individuals suggest ideas no matter how obscure or unusual, encourages people to think outside of the box, which ultimately, builds upon a creative mind.


Demonstrate Creativity

Parents, teachers, friends and family are just some of the role models in your child’s life. Try to surround them with and be an example of a creative person. Try things and fail. Create something and show them. By doing so, you’re demonstrating to them that anyone can be creative, and there are many ways of doing so. Whether you want to rearrange the furniture in your home, sow some seeds in the garden, create a picture for your bedroom wall or have a go at building something, let them into your creative process and encourage them to contribute to it.


Reduce Screen Time

The amount of screen time children have often appears in our articles, as it is relevant to so many avenues of development. Spending time on a handheld device or in front of a television screen can be limiting to a child’s creativity, as, rather than spending time exploring their interests and developing their skills, they are, instead, absorbed by what is in front of them on the screen. Encourage your child to play and create, rather than watching something or playing a game on a device.


Provide Resources

Although creativity doesn’t always require resources, such as role play, singing, dance and drama, some other avenues of creativity do. Having pens, paints, paper and craft items in your home, in a place where your child can easily access them, allows them to run with their creativity when the moment strikes.


Here at St Peter’s private preschool, we offer a range of classes and activities that encourage creativity, and thoughtful expression of opinions, beliefs and points of view are always encouraged when conducted sensitively. We hope to support children in their decisions and passions, enabling them to feel comfortable in demonstrating their creativity.

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