Teaching & Learning: Rest and Recovery

Seven weeks ago the pupils returned to St Peter’s rested and ready for another fun-filled year of learning. Their uniforms too big, as brown as berries and their hopes riding high.

The seven weeks that they have just completed have been the most exhausting for them. New routines, new classrooms, new teachers, new expectations, new demands, everything new. They are now in the routine, in the flow and in rhythm with each other. Now that ‘new’ seems like old news to them!

Rest and recovery is an essential part of the October half-term break. In a recent assembly, we asked the pupils to pack correctly for their half-term, to ensure everything they need makes it home, to spend some time over the half-term looking ahead. Planning out their prep diaries, filing away completed work, organising themselves, so they may return to school in Week 8 ready to go again. The school Information Letter contains information about some other optional half-term activities they can complete.

It seems we live in a society where we are expected to just go, go, go. Rest is considered indulgent, and most people feel guilty at the thought of taking a minute just to do nothing. Children – please do not think this is a message from St Peter’s School prep school…KNOW THAT…


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