How to Make the Most Out of the Summer Holidays

For parents, the idea of school summer holidays can bring some mixed feelings. While it is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and introduce new hobbies or favourite memories, the thought of having to entertain your little ones throughout the summer can be a daunting one.

Making the most out of the summer holidays is important for parents and children; it is a time for fun and a chance to rest and recuperate ready for the next school year.

St Peter’s Prep is an independent school in Exmouth and is dedicated to giving the best education and opportunities to your children both in and out of the classroom.

Read on for some tips on how to make the best out of the summer holidays!


Living by a strict schedule during the holidays after a busy year at school is probably not the best way to engage your kids. However, writing down some plans and ideas about what everyone would like to do in the weeks ahead is a good way to map out some activities and get your children excited.

Include a mix of cheap and more extravagant days out in your plans for variety. Get your kids involved in the planning and encourage them to use their imagination when it comes to the kinds of simple activities they could try at home.

Spend Screen Time Wisely

Limiting the amount of time a child spends online is something most parents already do, but enforcing screen time rules over the holidays will be even more important. Spending time on games or social media can be a big time drain with little benefit.

Use your judgement to allocate a certain amount of screen time to your child and try to introduce online activities that are more productive or have more benefits. Be strategic about what your child is doing online; maybe you could encourage them to do more artistic and imaginative things online, or learn a new skill with them through the help of the internet.

Doing things like family movie nights can also be a strategic way to give kids their screen time in a more socially beneficial way.

a family watching tv outside

Embrace Boredom

While cries of ‘I’m bored’ can start to get frustrating, it can actually be necessary for children to have these wind-down times that are perceived as boredom.

Boredom can also be a great way to encourage self-reliance, creativity and resourcefulness. Children will often surprise you with what they come up with when left to their own devices!


When your kids start to get restless, make even the simplest of outings into an adventure. Provided that the weather is nice, and you keep to social distancing guidelines a walk in the park or on the beach can be a cheap and simple way to keep your children active.

Activities in the garden can also be turned into a brilliant adventure with a bit of creativity. You could set up a scavenger or treasure hunt, or an obstacle course. You could also assign challenges within your activities to keep your children engaged, interested and having fun.

a family walking in a field

Spend Days with Friends and Family

Spending time outside of your immediate circle is a good way of keeping your kids from squabbling with each other and is a nice change of pace.

Again, as long as social distancing guidelines are being adhered to, giving your kids some face-to-face time with someone else in a different situation can prevent them from falling into bad social habits. Going to another house or garden will be a nice change of scenery, especially post lockdown.

Organising special activities for playdates that wouldn’t happen in the school year is another wonderful way to bring a sense of occasion and excitement to the holidays.

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