The Benefits of Flexi-boarding

St Peter’s Prep, our boarding school in Devon, offers flexi boarding options for children in Year 3 and above.

Whether you want your children to stay for only a night or two or attend more frequently, there are numerous benefits of boarding at St Peter’s Prep. We consider the benefits of flexi-boarding below.

What’s the Difference Between Weekly and Flexi-boarding?

First of all, let’s go through the difference between weekly and flexi-boarding.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding means that children between the ages of 7 and 13 can stay for the school week, day and night.

Flexi-boarding at St Peter’s Prep

In comparison, flexi-boarding allows day pupils to stay overnight at any time, including Friday night.

However, please note that you will need to give at least 24 hours’ notice. We recommend that you book earlier, just in case, as sometimes bookings go fast.

Benefits of Flexi-boarding

Now that you know the differences between flexi and weekly boarding, you’re probably wondering what benefits you can get out of each option. We’ve compiled a list below of all the ways flexi-boarding can enhance your child’s education.

More Freedom

As the name suggests, flexi-boarding allows parents to get a bit more flexibility out of this option. Made to fit your schedule and your time.

More Preparation

The time you spend apart from your child will still encourage independence even if it isn’t full-on weekly boarding. This option can be just a bit less intense for more nervous children or those who are new to boarding life.

If you want to ease your child into boarding school life, flexi-boarding may be the best option to prepare them.


Flexi-boarding is a great way of introducing your child to the benefits a boarding school can offer without being too costly. Although it’s worth keeping in mind that the fees cover a wide array of things that will assist your child’s comfort and education, including a wide range of activities and accommodation.

Incredible Academic Opportunities

Boarding schools can shape the minds of children. Our academic programme is top tier and will ensure success.

Extracurricular Activities

Children trampolining

Even if your child is a flexi-boarder, they can still benefit from the wide range of extracurricular activities available at St Peter’s, including FootGolf, eating marshmallows over a campfire, speedboating on the River Exe, scuba diving, and much more.

No matter the length of stay, our activities create unforgettable memories that children can carry with them forever.

Benefits of Weekly Boarding

Many of the benefits of flexi-boarding can be found with weekly boarding, the main differences being the cost and time. Mostly, the choice depends on the lifestyle of the parents and what you feel would be best for your child.

More Independence

Whether your child is a weekly or flexi-boarder, they will doubtlessly gain a strong sense of independence from a boarding environment, building them a lifelong foundation of self-assurance and responsibility.

This is incredibly beneficial for working parents who want their children to be able to cope on their own. Boarding school is a great tool to build up that resilience, especially if children are boarding on a weekly basis.


It can be easier for children to mentally adjust to boarding school life if they are attending weekly.

Parents can feel reassured that their children will receive both education and nurturing from the same faces daily which is beneficial in the long run. For those who want to move to boarding at a senior school in Year 9, their boarding experience at St Peter’s will help prepare them for such a venture.

Less Stress

Parents lead busy lives. Children gaining more independence and high quality, consistent care at boarding school means more free time for parents.

There’s no need to worry about being the sole provider of care for your child. Tasty meals, accommodation, and entertainment are all covered at St Peter’s.

In turn, this will have an immensely positive effect on your children. They are better at noticing things than we realise and will undoubtedly notice when their parents have a more relaxed schedule.

With more spare time and energy, you can make the most out of the quality time you spend with your children.

Connections with Classmates

Boarding with other children is somewhat like a big sleepover, without parents having to worry about being kept up all night by giggling or cleaning up the day after. The bonds forged in boarding school are incredibly strong and classmates can become an extended family of sorts for your child.

Evidently, boarding schools are great at engendering confidence in social skills. Explore more ways of helping your child socialise below.

helping your child socialise

More Opportunities to Join In

No one wants to feel left out; your child will have more options to join in all the fun activities if they attend on a regular basis.

We recognise the value of play just as much as we do any classroom lesson and believe that much can be learned through experience. As previously mentioned, the activities available at St Peter’s are extensive and will offer a foundational approach to life and learning.

We hope that we have given you a little more insight into how weekly or flexi-boarding can help your child flourish academically and personally.

If you would like to learn more about our boarding options, please do not hesitate to submit an enquiry and get in touch with Rachel Jupp, Director of Admissions & Marketing, on 01395 280335 or email We would be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

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