6 School Holiday Activity Ideas for Children

It’s always exciting when the end of term at our independent day school approaches, and with the warm weather putting a smile on everyone’s faces, it may be time to cast your thoughts ahead to your summer plans. Not only do the holidays allow you and your child to spend time together but they also allow them to unwind from the busy school year.

Having a period of rejuvenation is vital in their education as it allows pupils to feel refreshed upon returning in the autumn. However, it is vital that they also make the most of the summer, engaging in fun filled activities and exciting excursions.

Here at St Peter’s, we believe that the balance between relaxing and having fun is essential during their summer break from school. While it can be tempting to allow your children to live free of a schedule, creating a list of things they would like to do will give you an idea of how to spend your time. Below are a few of our favourite ideas.

1. A Family Holiday

Whether you choose a staycation to soak up the summer sun or venture further afield to discover somewhere new, a family holiday is the ultimate summer activity. There are a plethora of reasons why your child can benefit from a holiday, one of them being that both of your minds are not preoccupied with work-related stresses.


Post-COVID, travelling is a little more complicated than it used to be, though this doesn’t have to be considered a shortcoming. There’s a certain serendipity to how newfound curiosity for our local surroundings has bloomed out of these circumstances.

From a coastal getaway to a countryside retreat, the rise of staycations has given way to a sense of rediscovery and appreciation for the British environment. What you uncover may just surprise you, so explore and create precious memories whilst escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Travelling Abroad

Restrictions on travelling abroad may have loosened but there are potential limitations of which to be wary. Still, as long as you follow all the entry requirements of the country you’re travelling to, this excellent opportunity will give your child the chance to explore new places.

Becoming acquainted with different cultures can even prove to be beneficial once they return to school, as maintaining your child’s learning over the holidays will help them get back into the swing of education more easily.

children at beach

2. Your Child Can Join a Summer Club

At St Peter’s, there’s a wide range of activities for children to do, so they’ll undoubtedly want to continue pursuing their interests outside school.

One of the benefits of summer holidays is that they present the perfect opportunity for your child to try something new through summer clubs and workshops.

An excellent avenue for personal growth, for some, the chance to join a sports summer school will allow them to develop skills learnt outside the confines of a classroom. Alternatively, you could experience day workshops in fields such as arts and crafts, for example, Mrs McCormick’s A Day of Clay to learn some clay modelling skills.

These are just some examples of the many methods that can keep your child’s mind active during the holidays in a fun yet educational way.

3. Picnic in the Park

family picnic

Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve likely been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. With the good weather set to continue, why not arrange a picnic in the park?

Packing a selection of their favourite foods and games sets you up for a fantastic day outside. Before leaving, you could all even make and pack the food for the picnic together!

A picnic is also the perfect chance to arrange playdates with a few of their closest friends. Contact parents ahead of time to ask if they’re interested in joining you for the day and make it a great group day out!

4. Gardening as a Family

It is crucial that, over summer, you manage to make the most of being outside. Gardening is a good way of teaching your children about wildlife in an interactive way.

Additionally, why not consider taking the time to grow your own fruit and vegetables? From learning about responsibility to educating them about healthy food, there are many reasons why this is a fantastic experience for the whole family to get involved in.

how to get your child involved in gardening

5. Fun Sports Activities

children swimming

As mentioned above, the summer holidays are a great way of getting your children involved in activities that they are passionate about and, although summer is the perfect chance for them to unwind and relax, they must remain active.

If your child isn’t enrolled in any out-of-school sports groups or clubs, why not take the time to do them as a family? Swimming is a wonderful example of this, as it is something you can all do at your own pace.

There are a myriad of ways in which you can get moving, from walks and runs to watersports, so take a look at what options suit you all!

6. Family-Friendly Activities in Devon

valley of rocks

As previously mentioned, staycations are all the rage. But you may be wondering, what family-friendly adventures lie in wait in Devon?

We’re no stranger to outdoor expeditions at St Peter’s, so we know firsthand that Devon contains many unique opportunities for exploration. We have a few suggestions:

  • Arlington Court – if you’re struggling to think of where to picnic, look no further than Arlington Court! This location makes for a great day trip with acres of land to explore.
  • Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park – a zoo is an exciting and educational prospect for children, especially with animatronic dinosaurs!
  • Diggerland – choose between soft indoor soft play or thrilling outdoor experiences with rides and real JCBs!
  • Exmoor Zoo – home of the ‘Exmoor Beast’, the wide range of animals at this conservation zoo will be a treat for the children.
  • Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves – for a balance between archaeological education and entertainment, experience the stone age with tribal face marking, cave painting, a gemstone dig and much more!
  • Marwood Hill Gardens – located only four miles outside of Barnstaple, these idyllic gardens are another beautiful place to picnic.
  • The Big Sheep Farm & Theme Park – this North Devon farm is home to many cute and cuddly animals. Don’t forget to check out the sheep racing!
  • The Milky Way Adventure Park – step into the realm of space itself with a visit to The Milky Way and treat the family to roller coaster rides, slides, mazes and even a ninja arena!
  • Valley of Rocks – along the Exmoor coastline lies the Valley of Rocks, where goats roam the steep stony towers.
  • Quince Honey Farm – the whole family can experience the joys of beekeeping with soft play, guided tours and beautiful gardens.

So there it is, our guide on how to make your summer full of fun activities! At St Peter’s Prep, we understand how vital a good summer break is to the personal development of our students. We’re lucky enough to have a 28-acre site that includes gardens, adventure playgrounds, and woodlands so our pupils never feel like returning to school is a chore.

If you want to know whether our school would be the right fit for your child, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Admissions & Marketing, Rachel Jupp, on 01395 280335 or email rachel.jupp@stpetersprepschool.co.uk.

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